Home Discussion Forum Is it possible to have a union with Wiccan and Christian tradition?

Is it possible to have a union with Wiccan and Christian tradition?

I love true nature based Wiccan tradition – Chakra balance and healing – spiritual healing of worthy disincarnate souls per My God’s interpretation. My husband is Christian, tries to follow scripture to the letter, (alittle idealistic with scripture)
Would it be possible to quiet my own “strong opinions”, let him be able to express himself w/o a perception of “domination” of Husband to wife … and find a true friendship that should compliment rather than conflict?


  1. You CANNOT mix the two.
    “Wicca” involves demons.
    Whereas Jesus is God.
    “You cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: you cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.” (1 Corinthians 10:21)

  2. No, let your husband stick with his beliefs. True Christianity is undefiled. This means that there be no mixing with other beliefs. Christians consider mixing these things pagan and wrong. What is wrong with being idealistic anyway? Did you know what he believed before you married him? If so, you must accept his beliefs as his now. This is why it is never a good idea for people to marry outside of their beliefs.

  3. Yes!
    I’m Wiccan and my husband is Christian. We have been married for 10+ years.
    You must think in terms of a true partnership, with both parties as equals. Some things will need to be debated, an open mind a nessesity.
    Best of luck to you both!

  4. Why not???
    My husband is catholic. We regularly attend church on sunday, say grace at supper, etc…
    I’m a Witch and practice on my own.
    I don’t interfere with his beliefs, and he doesn’t interfere with mine. It’s called mutual respect for each other’s beliefs.
    EDIT: The Bee’s Knees – Admit it! You know nothing about Wicca. If you did, you’d KNOW Wiccan’s don’t believe in any demons. It is Christianity that is obsessed with demons, not Pagans.

  5. There are people who call themselves Christian Wiccans. The only conceivable way to mix the two is to throw out Christian dogma.
    My personal feeling is go with your heart. Don’t try to squash anything for sake of someone else. Your doing a big disservice to yourself and your hubs. He loves you and should still love you even if you don’t agree religiously. I mean ultimatley nothing has changed other than you being forthright, right? And you should be yourself.

  6. In the world of make-believe everything is possible.
    If the religious issue is causing problems why not try living religion-free?

  7. Um, I’m a little confused – What does chakra balancing and healing have to do with “true” Wiccan tradition?
    Honestly, I would have a hard time having a healthy and harmonious relationship with a closed-minded Christian who takes the Bible too literally (not that all are like that). Let me guess – you weren’t Wiccan when you married him? I assume this, because if you were, this finding a true friendship and being sure it would work with such opposite faiths should have been figured out before getting married to each other.
    You should not have to quiet your own opinions, refrain from expressing yourself, or practicing your faith. If this is what you have to do to make the marriage work, then, well, that’s your choice but to me it doesn’t seem right or fair…I would think you would only end up resenting your husband for the fact that you let yourself stray from your beliefs and walking your spiritual path in order to satisfy his every need. (Been there once with an ex – note the “ex” part. His trying to keep me totally away from my spiritual path was one of a few major problems that ultimately ended our relationship.)
    But any couple who has mutual respect for the others’ faith and human rights, no matter if they disagree on faith, could have a good relationship.
    I’m Wiccan, now with a Jewish guy. We share our spiritual beliefs with each other and learn from each other, but neither expects the other to conform or change religions. On some points, we may have to just agree to disagree – but we try to focus more on the common ground that we share.
    There are those who call themselves Christian Wiccans. These folks are taking what they like from both and forging a new spiritual path, and that is fine, so long as it is understood that neither Christianity or Wicca is being practiced for what it truly is.
    David – Wicca does not involve demons of any kind. Just because Wiccan beliefs are not the same as yours doesn’t make them “demonic”. No more so than Christianity being “demonic” because its beliefs are different than mine. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. You do realize the Bible was written by *men* as *their* interpretation of the words of God, yes?

  8. Only if the Christians become polytheistic, ditch their Bible and its immoral principles, and yeah basically recant. No, I think not. That is, the two religions cannot merge into one.
    That doesn’t mean that you have to leave your husband though. So long as you respect each other’s beliefs and keep a positive air, it’ll be great! Though I don’t know the last time a Christian knowingly took that attitude to me 😛

  9. Christians view Wiccan deities(and all pagan gods) as demons(fallen angels).
    Example is Hecate AKA Lilith
    Lilith is a demon in Christian belief.
    Christians believe Wiccan gods/esses are demons, so how can a Christian associate with someone who they think is worshipping demons?
    That would be like Luke joining the dark side for Christians!
    Chakra balance and healing – spiritual healing of worthy disincarnate souls, these practices are not owned by Wicca.
    Sounds new age or more like Spiritualist to me than Wicca.

  10. A Wiccan marriage can certainly work without either side being dominant. You can even express your differenting opinions on matters. You just need to be mindful of each other and remain respectful.
    If you attempt to unite the two religions, however, then you end up with a mess, something that is neither Wiccan nor Christian.
    I too am confused about your referencing “true nature based Wiccan tradition.” Chakras and spiritual healing have nothing to do with Wicca.

  11. In a perfect world, each one of us would allow others to believe as they wish and they in turn would do the same for us.
    It wouldn’t be a good thing for either of you to change or alter your beliefs to please the other.
    Find a way to honor and respect the beliefs that you each have and concentrate on the things you have shared beliefs in.


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