Is it possible to have a thought without emotion, philisophically speaking?






do all thoughts start with emotion, therefore without emotional intelligence there will be no critical intelligence
if emotional intelligence or ‘love intellect’ comes first then which is the more powerful consciousness, can the heart solve problems with ease that the mind can only make a mess off
this is something i’ve been pondering through my studying of Indian philosophy and medicine, the chakra system etc


  1. Good Question, definitely something for me to chew on…..
    Look at it this way if we didn’t have emotion we would be like robots and they aren’t that good at solving moral problems, so thinking without emotion wouldn’t be a good idea, i mean if you were a robot you wouldn’t have a conscience and therefore no misgivings to killing thousands of innocent people…..

  2. Emotions/ego are there to protect and encourage. They are there to deter us from danger and draw us closer to nice sensory massages. They are not as a whole trustworthy and stand in the way of gaining real truth. To think without emotions is practically impossible though. If you manage it, you are no longer what is considered to be “human”. You are something else. A divine being that has transcended the ego-human and become a God-like being. A buddha is a being that rids itself of emotions and ego and they are considered the grandest philosophers because they can at last see the world for how it is instead of what their emotions or ego want it to look like.

  3. Of course we can have thought without emotion. How emotional can you get over the fact that 3×4=12 or that Greenland is the largest island on Earth?
    One of the problems with your question is that there is no common definition that separates emotion from impulse. Being in love is an emotional experience. Simple lust is not. Hunger is not an emotion, nor is greed.
    The heart indeed has its own answers to questions the mind cannot settle, such as, Should I be a conservative or not? Dr. Seuss said a conservative is someone with a heart that is two times too small. There’s definitely some wisdom to this.

  4. It depends on how you define the term emotion.
    Are you going to call it the chemicals or the cognitive awareness of them that is processed in the lymbic system.
    If you define as the chemicals themselves then you would not be able but if it is the cognitive awareness on a sub-conscious or conscious level then yes but that depends on how you define the word thought.
    In a physiological sense the chemicals related to emotion will have an impact on you no matter what.
    It is an interesting question to ponder.

  5. yeah some people have no emotion they have turned it off long ago so all of their actions have to do with logic but as every body knows a choice made on logic alone isn’t always a good one or the right one.

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