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Is it possible to have a psychic attack in sleep (knowledgeable people only please)?

How does it feel like, and what can be the consequences.
Knowledgeable people only please.
Thank you so very much for your time and effort.


  1. Darling – What is a “psychic attack”?
    Not insulting you – just asking because I’ve never heard of it before.

  2. You are probably suffering from sleep paralysis. This used to happen to me. It’s pretty freaky.
    let me add details-
    You are awake but you were asleep or just falling asleep.
    You can’t move anything but your eye ( I’m not kidding)
    You feel a presence. I used to hear a ringing in my ear.
    Yeah- at one time I thought this was an evil thing too. I was just a kid and catholic at that…so

  3. Totally possible to conduct a psychic attack on a sleeping person. That is when they let their guard down. Can’t do it on someone who sleep with one eye open thought.

  4. Its possible if you believe it is.
    People that are knowledgable actually believe in this.
    I also know “knowledgable” people that DONT believe in this.
    Its all perception.

  5. Of course it’s possible. That’s when people are at their most vulnerable. And it’s quite different for every person.

  6. you can tell who the children are by their responses.
    anything is possible, in the years to come we will see things that we have previously thought were impossible and find out that not only is it possible but happens quite frequently.
    I think you should start out by sharing something personal about yourself first b4 you ask others to share.

  7. When in deep sleep, your brain is in the delta brainwave. This is the same brainwave with which most people strive to attain through meditation or ritual. The reason this level is a goal to obtain, is that it is the deepest level we can go while still retaining some level of conscious thought.
    At this level your incredibly open to outside forces which function at this level, including electrical currents and sound-waves that correspond to this depth of your psyche, as well as other people or sources of energy. So in theory, yes.
    However, I personally don’t believe that anything can directly effect your psyche unless you allow it to. By allow it to I mean consciously decide it happened or is happening, and believe it to be true. At that level of consciousness your capable of reprogramming your subconscious (as confirmed by things like hypnotism to stop smoking, and things of that nature).
    The problem with reprogramming is that it can happen on accident (eg: habits). If you were in the type of sleep that allowed you to feel something was happening, and then make a conscious decision to believe it was real, you could very well convince yourself that it did.
    I would suggest meditation on a daily basis for a while and try to establish exactly what you thought happened, why it happened, and then address is accordingly. Your not in any danger though, if that’s what your asking.

  8. I’m quite knowledgeable on psychic attack, but I’d suggest you google it and go from there, as to answer your question accurately would take quite a while considering what you want to know. Also, I’d need to use technical terms, then have to explain them to you as, from your grammar & syntax, I discern you are either quite young, or not educated enough to absorb what I could tell you, sorry.
    Unless you are either a threat to someone or are an important person within your community, if I were you I’d not entertain the notion you are/have been psychically attacked.

  9. not sure quite what you mean but i know it is possible to have a spiritual attack while you are asleep. it has happened to me several times the first time a creature with claws attacked me it wasn’t a dream it came through my dream. it hit metal like a breast plate and bounced off. but it made me jump very badly so i was completely awake. and twice it was like an arrow whizzed past my ear again both times the experience jerked me awake.
    each time it inspired me to pray especially for protection for me and my family. God is able to protect any who call on his name.


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