Is it possible to have a direct and intimate experience of God?





To where you knew you were experiencing Cosmic Consciousness, and how did it happen?


  1. yes…since I’ve been saved I’ve had many times when I’d be riding down the road and hear a song and i get so overwhelmed,and i remember i was painting a room in my house and i was listening to a song and it was like a feeling of peace and joy just came over me and it wasn’t the paint,it was non toxic and the room was ventilated, them I dreamed one night I was combing Jesus hair,then my best dream was I when to heaven with 2 angels and they stopped at the entrance of heaven at the gates, and told me i could look in but it wasn’t my time to go in they just wanted me to see what was to come for me and others that believed, they told me I’d remember where i had been but i wouldn’t remember what i had seen inside the gate,but I do remember me saying it’s true,it’s all true, and i had that dream 4 years ago but i can remember it just like i dreamed it last night. And there been other things I just don’t have the time to put them all down.
    and by the way Father ,Son and Wholy Ghost,are all the same (GOD) to the person that thinks they’re not all one in the same…..

  2. Not really possible, we are able to have a direct relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We become children of God. But an experience of God is not taught at all in the Bible. That is a contemporary teaching, relatively new in the Church 20 years or so and it is generally fabricated through music and hepped up preaching and emotional testimonies, dancing etc. Just like a rock concert.

    The site above gives a short, but precise definition of cosmic consciousness. Supposedly one can enter into some ‘higher realm’ of awareness of reality. I used to use ‘Magic Mushrooms’. Believe me, there are ‘other realms’ to venture into. But, after having done psychedelics for some time in the past, I can tell you that you aren’t really going into ‘another realm’ except into your own mind, especially your own subconscious, where all of your memories are still stored, even though you may think yopu’ve forgotten many things.
    Look at hypnotism for example. Things you thought you forgot can be broughjt to the fore.
    My theory is that this ‘cosmic consciousness’ that many people seek exists within the mind. I would add though that I do believe in a ‘spirit realm’. I avoid contact with it these days because I’m a Christian now and the only contact I have with the ‘spirit world’ is the contact I have with God the Father of Jesus Christ. And yes, His Spirit has communicated with me, albeit not with spoken words, but with actions.

  4. Rossina G,
    I could tell you, but it’s so personal. I hope you are asking to see if there are any others out there that experienced what you experienced. I did many times. And typically alone. not with others, though that happened too. He really cares for me. That’s cool.

  5. I might disappoint you, but I’m sure that no Christian, Muslim, Jew or the pope had a direct or intimate experience of God. Neither in the past, but it is written so in the Bible, so certain people could have others in control.

  6. I would imagine it is. I personally have never had a direct experience per se, but I know that in the Bible it talks about how God spoke directly to Samuel so that he could hear Him out loud.

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