Is it possible to get a legitimate doctoral degree in parapsychology?

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What college or university offers a program? Or is it all online “distance learning”?

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Only If your Bill Murray 🙂


There are legitamate studies of parapsycology. They may lead to nothing. They may add to our knowledge of the human brain.
Below is an article with references to orgs that study it.

Professor X

One cannot get a legitimate doctoral degree in parapsychology because it is not considered a legitimate science, and is not a field of study at any respected college or university in the US. This is because the claims of parapsychology (telekenesis, the existence of the spirit world, etc.) cannot be proven to exist using scientific method (experiments that produce consistently reproducible results).
However, there are sociologists and psychologist who study WHY people choose to believe in parapsychology, even though it is not scientifically valid. So, technically, one could get a PhD in sociology or psychology or another field, and write one’s dissertation on social functions, or psychological functions, of parapsychological claims.
There are also organizations (businesses, like ghost hunters, psychic investigators, etc.) that accept parapsychological premises, believe parapsychological claims, and charge clients money to investigate them. Employees of these businesses who claim to have degrees in parapsychology have obviously not studied at traditional colleges or universities, because the only such degrees are sold by other for-profit businesses disguising themselves at schools.


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