is it possible to fly???

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is there anyway we can fly?/…any supernatural powers ..any tantra any technique??

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1 word….. boeing

The Reverend Soleil

Only straight down…


In an airplane.

Thoughts of Time ©

Many people “fly” during out of body experiences. I imagine we as humans will do it physically some day.


i agree

bryant s

If God gave you the power, but I doubt he will ever give anyone that power unless they are almost Jesus and the next savoir of Earth.


in your dreams…. i often dream i fly..

Espresso Kid

No – nothing. It doesn´t exist. Those are fairytales.


I hear Southwest Airlines is offering some good deals on flights.


you can try astral projection.


Judging by your question I’m guessing you’ve already tried huffing glue.

Phoenix: Velvet Vixen

I just flew in from Albuquerque and boy are my arms tired!


You can fall gracefully from a high point.
But no, there is a slight problem of physics here.

Samurai Jack

airplane, helicopter, balloon, glider….things like that.
No other way to do it.
You could jump off of something very tall. For a few moments, it’d probably feel like you were flying.That sudden stop at the end wouldn’t be so good for you, though.

Lynn C

Why would you want supernatural powers, please tell me you are some kid on here, Find The Lord, and quit thinking about flying.


Of course, it’s called a plane or a helocopter…a few hundred years ago people would have seen these as supernatural powers.
Just because it’s normal now, doesn’t mean it’s not a miracle.


for immortals yes…angels do


read hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. theres an intructional

JC is the MAN

run really hard, jump off a cliff, and start moving your arms up and down as fast as you can, I have heard that works, let me know how it goes.

oozɐƃ ʇɐǝɹƃ ǝɥʇ

There is compelling evidence, from abundant eye-witnesses, that Joseph of Cupertino (1606-1666) would float in the air when in deep meditation. His superiors eventually had to restrict him from saying Mass publicly for fear he would injure himself. The rules of physics were, in his case, suspended.


No. We’re not built that way.
Even if we were, we don’t have the “flow-through” lung system that God created birds with, so we’d never be able to inhale enough oxygen to fly.


One can fly in one’s dreams. This the time the spirit, can leave the body, and venture forth into the spiritual realm. The spirit, being composed of a pure energy form, can fly. When in the body, one still has the urge to do the same, except the body being so heavy, will not readily comply.


My friend says her relative can fly at times of intense meditation. I am yet to see this. She has promised to let me witness it once. Im an illusionist and can certainly see through any gimmick in case he uses one. Lemme see his stuff and ill surely let u guys know.


close your eyes hold on to the end of the bed
you have to be skinny
gently lift your body up with your arms holding
on to bed.I did this when I was a kid


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