Is it possible to find out what type of muscle fibers are more dominant in your body?

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Is it possible to find out what type of muscle fibers are more dominant in your body?
Lets say 70% of the muscle fibers in my body were Type I and the remaining 30% were Type II, is there a way I could find this out to make the most out of it in training?
I’ve read that muscle fibers can’t be converted to be more one sided, your born with that type and rather than just yes, how?

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fosho my mofo



well most people have about 50/50 fast and slow twitch unless they are active. If you are a weight lifter or cross country runner, then you have more slow twitch. Sprinters have more fast twitch for speed

Mike F

Well, to be sure they could do a muscle biopsy but that would be painful…


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