Is it possible to find out what my aura is?

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i’ve always wanted to know what color it is. is it possible for someone who can read auras to read auras through Y!A.
if so, what’s mine!

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I would search for a metaphysical fair. They often have a booth that will take a picture of your aura and then give you a description of what it means. I’ve had mine done before, I was skeptical at first, but found it to be very interesting. 🙂


Aura photography is based on electrical current and skin resistance. Your “Aura” will change based on stress, perspiration, the dilation of pores, strength of the current, etc.
With a some research and little electrical engineering, you should be able to photograph your aura at home.

the living dead

well i cant read aura
i no peoples feelings becuase it more simpler to find out
so ya that would be intresting to find someone that can read aura threw Yahoo answers
oh ya also emotions and aura are almost the same but ya….. emotions are another stroy but they mix so find out ur emotion and u find out ur aura

Martin G

reread your post there sweetheart…i believe the flaw in your logic will soon become apparent.


Dark green, blue, yellow, and red


As far as my knowledge of them goes, I would think that you would have to be in the presence of the one who can see them in order to be ‘read’ in that way. I agree with the others on their suggestions of fairs etc. to find someone to help you with that.


I have heard somewhere that you can see it yourself if you follow these steps:
1. Choose low, indirect light with a pale, plain wall behind you.
2. Sit facing a mirror and let you gaze focus beyond your image
3. Eventually you will see a glowing haze, this is your aura


Aura photography is also called ‘kirlian photography’ That may help if you want to get it done 🙂


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