Home Discussion Forum Is it possible to feel pregnant yet you're not?

Is it possible to feel pregnant yet you're not?

Supposedly there was an episode on Law and Order special victims unit where a girl got raped, thought she was pregnant, had symptoms of being pregnant, and yet she wasn’t. That her subconscious mind made her feel pregnant. Is that really possible?


  1. That is true it happened to me so many times! You ‘d be amazed at the tricks your mind can play on you! I’m talking morning sickness and the whole nine. Alot of women that are ttc go through it all the time and wind up not being preggo including myself hun! I went through it to till I stopped trying to become pregnant that’s when it really happened!

  2. They say it is but I have never known or met somebody that went through on..I’d do research on it if your really interested in it:)
    *Konnor’s Mommy:)
    *Good Luck

  3. yes..i think…because that has happened to me where i would feel sick…and all the rest..but it would turn out that im not pregnant

  4. Yup, it’s called false pregnancy and it can happen. In especially convinced women their abdomens can swell and fill with fluid as their “pregnancy” continues, giving them the appearance of a pregnancy belly. Shows how powerful the mind can be.


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