Home Discussion Forum Is it possible to do my own chakra healing or balancing?

Is it possible to do my own chakra healing or balancing?

I’ve seen there are a few questions about this here but most of them say that they “visualize” their own chakras and just align them…I’m just starting so I’m not able to visualize anything yet! What can I do? How should I do it? Should I do it daily? Thanks!


  1. Use a pendulum; hands-on healing (Universal energy), or just keep visualising. Actually, it’s not necessary to have to ‘see’ anything. Just get a sense of them vibrating at a higher speed. You can also use crystals on each chakra. Lying down.

  2. of course you can do it on your own, anyone that says otherwise just wants to take your money. just imagine your chakra’s as large spinning discs (in the correct position and correct colours) first imagine a white foaming liquid, entering throuhg your crown chakra (head) and cleansing all the other chakras (working their way down) imagine each one being washed away of dirt and grime and debris. once you feel they are all clean you wil need to imagine a sparkling green liquid, entering your body through your crown chakra, and making its way down to your root chakra, as its doing this, its polishing each disc, so that they are glistening and clean. focus on each chakra remember, don;t skip over any. lastly what you can do is imagine a purple gel gliding all over your body (as if to seal and protect the clean chakras) done. you don;t need to do this everyday, but if you feel that it helps, then do so. you only need to clean and rebalance your chakras, with methods such as this maybe once a week or less, depending on your emotional well being.

  3. Hello
    Yes, meditators have been doing just that for ever.
    Have a look at my profile, follow link & go to e-books.

  4. This is actually more aimed at the other responders…
    Seriously people, when are you going to be able to separate fantasy from reality. One big red flag should be when they say, “you don’t actually have to see it, you just have to visualize (aka- pretend) that you are healing yourself”. Its amazing how many people want so badly to believe in crazy things. You could probably convince yourself that you can shoot lasers out of your eyes too.
    Are any of you skeptical of anything at all? Try to think of one thing that you don’t believe in – UFOs, Bigfoot, anything. I seriously don’t understand how you could possibly question anything at all, and yet believe in mystical energy healing, like chakras. If there is something that you hear and think “that is rediculous, show me some kind of evidence”, then you are skeptical of it. That same process of healthy skepticism is what I am applying to your belief in magic healing powers.
    So I would love it if someone could respond and tell me one thing that they are skeptical of. And being skeptical of something, doesn’t mean you are a “nay sayer”, it just means you aren’t gullible of everything that comes along. Before you profess your belief in something, the evidence in favor of it needs to outweigh the evidence against it. Give it a try.

  5. Visualization is actually an red herring that places a layer of indirection between you and your chakras. It’s possible (and actually not too difficult) to learn to feel and manipulate your chakras directly instead. This is orders of magnitude more effective, and lets you know exactly how successful you’re being every step of the way. Here’s how you do it…
    Daily is good. Have fun!


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