Is it possible to controll chakra in a way that it is useable?

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See, I know with meditation, there are chakra points in the body. I believe that if a person was to use more then 2% of his/her brain, a powerful chakra is achievable. I would like to know if anyone else agrees.

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i dont


Tsunade, as a practicing hypnotist for over 25 years, yes, developing your chakras to benefit yourself is entirely achievable. Many of my clients come solely for this process. As you have, perhaps, already found out, not all share your beliefs. This is fine, for your self improvement can proceed without the permission of those that may disagree with you.
A good self-manual for chakras is Genevieve Lewis Paulson’s “Kundalini and the Chakras”(About $15). It is about 200+ pages of info, diagrams, and photos. Good luck and enjoy your adventure!


I would recommend reading ‘Kundalini Tantra’ by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. It is very informative and easy to read. Check out for book reviews if you’re interested.


Within every living body, although on the subtle rather than the gross or physical level, there are said to be a series of energy fields or centres of consciousness, which in traditional Tantric teachings are called chakras (“wheels”) or padmas (“lotuses”). They are said to be located either along, or just in front of, the backbone, even though they may express themselves externally at points along the front of the body (navel, heart, throat, etc). Associated with the chakras is a latent subtle energy, called kundalini in Shaktism, and tumo in Tibetan Buddhist Tantra.
Activating the chakra through breathing, visualisation, movement, and yoga postures. This is good for all chakras, and for balancing the organism as a whole. It particularily pertains to the Tantric, seven-chakra linear scheme, rather than the Taoist circular scheme of chakras. There are many specific exercises associated with each chakra, and usually different books give different exercises, so it would take too long to go through all the books, chakras, and exercises here. All I can do is recommend that you browse through the books on this subject in a well-stocked esoteric or theosophical bookshop, find one that you feel intuitively attracted to, and go with that.
Projecting love and light into the chakra. This is also good for malfunctioning and blocked chakras, but not overactive ones, which already have enough energy going through them as it is. Imagine the area of the affected chakra as pervaded by a brilliant white, golden, or other coloured light, which is of the complete essence of love. Imagine this light healing the chakra, opening it, and restoring it to its proper functioning. If for example you have difficulty with understanding abstract mental concepts, you would visualise light and love in brow and forehead chakras, allowing them to open harmoniously, and the energy to flow through.


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