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Is it possible to change the outcomes given by a tarot card reading?

My wife has gotten a couple tarot card readings and they’ve both been extremely accurate. Yesterday she got another one that had some disturbing predictions about our future together. How accurate are tarot cards at predicting the future?


  1. They are cards. They do not predict the future.
    It is easy to listen to the meanings of the cards and apply it to your life. Just about anything vague and ambiguous can be applied to ones own life.
    The “power” held by tarot cards is purely psychological. If we believe what they say, we subconsciously behave in ways that will prove the cards right.
    It is all in the power of suggestion.

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  3. The only way a Tarot deck can predict the future is if you let it. If you keep this in mind, note coincidences and events that seem like its the prediction starting to come to pass – even though they’re just stuff that randomly happens all the time anyway – then its possible that you might unconsciously cause it to happen in its entirety.
    Its called a self fulfilling prophesy – that is, the very act of predicting it causes it to happen.
    My advice is to try to forget all about it, and encourage your wife to do the same. If you really care about each other, you’ll be able to stick out the good times as well as the bad.

  4. They are merely a tool. Used to show POSSIBILITIES.
    Of course you can change the outcome, in fact there should be more than one possible outcome in any layout. Interpretation also is just that, interpretation. The biggest danger with giving “hard and fast” readings is that they can become self-fulfilling and that gives the reader a lot of power, whether they take advantage of it or not, it’s still there.
    That is why I don’t read for anyone but myself and occasionally a close friend or family member.

  5. No one should be guided by tarot! They have NO special powers. What happens in your future together should be the result of mutual respect and love for one another.
    Opiniona is absolutely right!

  6. yes, it is.
    Tarot cards dont “predict” the future.- its just like palm reading.
    They are simply used as a ‘guide’.. showing you the possibly path that will or may be coming.
    They allow you to see what surroundings you have- how they help or hinder.
    The positive and negative aspects. etc etc
    Don’t take it literally to heart because what the cards say are written in stone !
    they ability to change or choose a different ‘path’ is always possible.
    (sometimes it happens without us even knowing)

  7. Nothing and nobody is accurate at predicting the future. It simply can’t be done. Never has and never will. A few correct guesses and vague general predictions can’t hide that fact.


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