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Is it possible to cast negative energy on someone?

today i was sitting next to an older guy on a train when i was trying to build my own energy for the day. I kinda sensed that the guy next to me was aware of this energy that i was trying to build. At one point we both knew that our energy was clashing. I wasnt trying to do anything or focus it on him, but im assuming he thought i was and immediatly starting feeling tension between us. At one point i physically felt the energy between us. I also heard it. It was almost like a “whirling sound” right up against my ear. I definatly got bad vibes from him. I can only assume he felt offended by mine and gave me bad vibes in defense or if he was just radiating bad vibes. When i got of the train i still felt an entity on my left side that was negative. Did this guy intentionally try to throw bad energy on me or did i pick up his negative vibes? what do you think happened? I wouldnt personally give anyone bad energy, and im sure most others wouldnt without reason. But this was serious, it was more than a bad vibe, it was thick. I physically felt it rubbing against my ear and face and side while sitting next to him. When i left the feeling stayed on my left side. I was aware of this and stayed positive and it left. What does this sound like? What should i be careful for?


  1. I don’t think it was intentional but his energy signature clashes with yours and some of the negative effects stayed with you when you got off. If this happens again, just ground yourself and do a self cleansing. It doesn’t sound to me like he was trying to invade your energy building, but it can just happen sometimes.
    Hope that helps.

  2. I know one foolproof way of casting bad energy: you yell unjustified accusations at somebody. Pretty good way of making them mad and spoiling their day.
    Beating them would work as well.
    I recommend neither.

  3. I think you might’ve had a seizure.
    You should probably check with a neurologist, and get some blood tests done.
    I’m not joking.

  4. Yes as well as No. One can radiate / propagate Negative / Positive energy to others only when the person on the other side knowingly / unknowingly or conciously / unconciously ACCEPTS it.
    At the same time, One cannot radiate / propagate Negative / Positive energy to others when the person on the other side knowingly / unknowingly or conciously / unconciously BLOCKS it.
    Sometimes, one may get reverted with the same radiated / propagated Negative / Positive energy to oneself, when the person on the other side knowingly / unknowingly or conciously / unconciously RETALIATE it.

  5. Personally, I would pray about it. Asking God to free them of any energy He wills. (Prayer: “Thank You for blessing this man with being free of all the energy You will… as of right now and forever.”) You can also pray this for yourself if this happens.
    And make sure to protect yourself, if you work with Light… surround yourself in a bubble as well as praying will help (“Thank You for blessing me with being as protected as You will… as of right now and forever”). I doubt the man was intentionally sending you bad energy… he could have entities around him that aren’t the best and not even know it but the entity may know you know… does that make sense?
    Perhaps you can pray to have those spirits/entities crossed over into the Light. You would be an angel to this man (and anyone else you come in contact with)… Prayer for that would be: “Thank You for blessing me and all life in our world with the crossing over to the Light of all spirits, beings and entities that need to be crossed over to the Light that are directly or indirectly connected to our lives. We are grateful. And thank You for blessing those beings with being free of all You will them to be free from and with having all You will them to have before and after their crossing and for all their incarnations.. And please, with always having and living the lives that You will for them. And for all of these things… as of right now and forever… as You will and at Your will. Thank You, we are truly grateful!”
    You should feel a change! Hope this helps! God bless!

  6. If you were building energy, you were open to draw energy from another. Being as all energy is electromagnetic, the electro pushes away while the magnetic draws toward, you probably had an unforeseen transfer of the energy. Another aspect of energy is that it balances with both positive and negative attributes. What you considered negative, was your own response to the energy that was being exchanged. He may have had a similar response to the frequencies that you were building and by your personal taste, you refer to as good, hence the tension. You can also see similar responses from people, animals and plants when various kinds of music are played. What one finds good, another will have a negative response to.
    What you should be careful of, is working with energy around others until you have the ability to control it. Remember that when you open a door to let something in, for example to let in a cat, another thing can go out at the same time,such as your pet bird if it is there and you are not careful. It can be intentional either direction and unintentional the other. Energy manipulation is very similar. Until you can block the transfer in both directions, do not do it when others or at least strangers are present.
    If anyone tells you to surround yourself or any one else as a protection with energy or a white light, avoid their advice. For an energy vampire which you may consider bad or negative, you will be inviteing them and giving them, in principle, food.
    Different people function differently around or being influenced by different energies. Go to a hospital and watch how busy the ER and other areas get when there is a full moon. Some people hate the feel of a storm and lightening, I love the feeling and get playful but need to be careful when I manipulate energy at that time, it adds strength to the effects but is more difficult to control. If there is no storm and I want the intensity, I go to where there is a power relay station or where there are high power lines.
    Learn about yourself and how you respond to different things without labeling anything as good or bad. Accept that it just “is” and then you can learn to control your response to it. With time and experiance, you may be able to use any energy that is available.


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