Home Discussion Forum Is it possible to be Enlightened and rascist, too?

Is it possible to be Enlightened and rascist, too?

Add also geographically & culturally misinformed / unaware.


  1. No………
    Because anyone who is enlightened will know that racism is wrong.
    (i.e. Jesse Jackson…..thinks he’s enlightened and is still a racist)

  2. no.
    to be enlightened means that one looks past all differences. be them race, culture, or geography.
    to an enlightened person, there are no races, no cultures, no geographical differences.
    everyone is one, and everything is one.

  3. Well, arguably CS Lewis was racist towards the asian (In one of his biography’s i read, can’t remember which) yet he still wrote the wonderful Narnia books.
    There are many sides to people. No one’s perfect.
    Not sticking up for racists, just pointing out that good people can do terrible things too.

  4. Impossible.Enlightenment transcends any possible wordly misinformation by default.Enlightenment suppose one to be at one with all.Racism goes very much against any sense of “oneness”and is very much about divisiveness.And I can`t quite believe that someone came up with the question too…..

  5. Understanding =All beings are EQUAL
    A single true understanding and all the masses of beings are the enlightened one.
    A single true misunderstanding and the enlightened one is but a mere mortal among the masses of beings.
    Misunderstanding = Some beings are more Equal than others (including those who claim they are more enlightened than others)

  6. Interesting question, given that “Enlightened” is a goalpost that moves with the time and those of the age of Enlightenment were rabidly racist… but I find that I keep coming back to the answer no. Today there’s just no excuse given how much we know about ourselves.

  7. yeah its called religion you cant really respect somthing you belive to be wrong you taking the moral highground

  8. Nope. Enlightened person doesn’t discriminate against people. Enlightened person is always full of love, compassion and wisdom.

  9. There are all kinds of knowledge in the world, and no one can know it all. Wherever ignorance remains, there will be prejudice.

  10. I think that an enlightened person will not be racist. As others have mentioned, enlightenment requires that one see a unity in humanity.
    I think that seeing a unity in humanity and a common origin for everyone does not mean that it is not very possible to just really offend another person by doing something that is not offensive in one’s own culture, but is rather offensive in another culture. Enlightened people can be culturally unaware. For example, something as everyday as wearing your shoes into the house is unacceptable in some cultures. I think an enlightened person could offend someone this way. I do not think an enlightened person would offend someone in this manner two times, though.


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