Is it possible to be a hedge witch nowadays?

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What are some books/websites about hedge witches? Is is possible to be a green witch & hedge witch?
Oh, and this really has nothing to do with anything but what are some websites/books on neo druidry?

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There really isnt that many books that portray the true hedge witchery, but there is one book that does, “Hedge-Rider: by Eric De Vries”.
I tend to search for books that are more towards traditional witchcraft as they are the closest thing to hedge witchery.
Yea you can be a green witch and a hedge witch.

Sabbats believer.

There is a great book “The Green Wiccan Herbal” By silja I got my copy new for $ 20


Yes, of course it is possible, more than that, it is easy to do. A hedgewitch is a term for a solitary witch, meaning, you are not a member of a coven. Raven Silverwolf has an excellent book on the subject called. “Hedge Witch”. Scott Cunning ham alo has a book some rave about and it concerns solitary witches.
Just so ya know, You can do Wicca on your own without anyone’s help if you choose.
Blessed Be


hmm. Green Witch? this means very little to me, although i have read several books using this as the all seems like a sort of environmental re-hash of traditional Witchcraft. someone else seems to have recommended a book called ‘hedge rider’ i have read this a couple of times, and it is a good book, if a little disjointed at times. Beth Rae’s hedge witch books are very nice, but they deal more with solitary witchcraft as opposed to genuine hedgewithcraft. The path of the hedgewitch is shamanic in essence, that is the thing most people seem to miss out for some reason.

Dahlia A


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