Is it possible to balance ideals of religion with ideals of astrology without violating both ideals?

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If you are a religious person do you feel that astrology can be used without violating the laws of your Higher Power?
If you are someone who uses astrology regularly do you consider it a science, social science or a religion?
Great that you have an opinion, Chain, but at least have to courtesy to answer the question..

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i am a christian and i say nope


Easy. Religion has ideals, astrology doesn’t. Both are based on belief but are quite different. Astrology is not a science in that you cannot prove anything with it or about it. It definitely is not a religion. Some religions may disapprove of astrology but most ignore it as being superstition.


I’m sorry if it offends someone but if some religion forbids one to study astrology then in my view the religion is completely nonsensical and bull and not worthy of being called the path to god.


Astrology is not a God .
Our Universe is not a God.
Man is not THE GOD.
I worship God ,not man and not the stars,but I UNDERSTAND the meaning.
I have no doubt ,that SOME understand this and SOME never will.
We were never meant to have the same thinking process this is what move us forward.
We were not all meant to have the same talents,this is what makes us unique.
We are not all meant to understand the meaning of all things ,but some things,this is what makes us different.
A genuine Astrologist cannot dismiss God out of the equation. Our small Universe is all, most of us know. Think small times a number beyond your comprehension,that is GOD’S Magnificence.
There is no Religion or Man that can tell me ,to understand the Universe is a Sin,

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I don’t consider it a violation of my religion to be as obsessed about astrology as I am.
and if it technically was, then it’s probably what astrology could be made to symbolize that my religion’s against. I like to think that astrology is so accurate at times for a reason. Either way, I’m going to do what I want as long as it’s not a blatant smack in the face to my god. 😛


Belief in astrology supports the intelligent design theorists. Certainly the planets were created to “guide” human beings and for no other reasons. It did not happen randomly because randomness is not an acceptable possibility for the believers. So some higher “power” must of made this happen.
Humans have been around for 100,000 years. For about the last five thousand, God decides to get involved. Even less for astrology. Evidence for both still can’t be found.


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