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Is it possible to astral project without trying?

Ok so I’ve been trying to astral project but it won’t work…I try and try and try but it never works… And then I remembered a time when I was little and I remembered seeing myself floating down…At the time I thought it was a dream… was it astral projection? I’m also asking for a way of astral projection that has worked for you that might work for me…thanks!


  1. Astral projection isn’t real. Your consciousness arises from your brain, and your brain is trapped inside a skull in your body.
    Be happy you actually realize it won’t work instead of staying in denial. If you want to hallucinate though, LSD or DMT is an option.

  2. Yes. It’s actually easier at times.
    But no, I can’t think of an easy way off the top of my head. I’m really attached to my body. Maybe if you had an object to focus on outside of your body as an anchor.
    My instinct says try a lit candle.

  3. Missy,
    If you insist on doing this, read the books by Albert Taylor and William Buhlman.
    I have no doubt that this is real. I tried it too, and it worked well enough to convince me it was real and to convince me to never do it again. I also have very little doubt that it could be dangerous as all hell – literally. Before you do this, pray for guidance and protection. Better yet, don’t do it. If you insist, I wouldn’t make it a habit. Read about it and find out how to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually in order to be safer.

  4. Good question!!! Several times over the past few years I’ve had what I’ve told are OBE’s which I guess is the same as astral projection…or at least very close.
    What has happened to me…I’ve just started to fall asleep and this feeling of lightness has came over me. Not like I was falling asleep but closer to floating in water. Then I see myself laying in bed.
    To be honest it scared the crap out of me…but after talking to several people and reading up on OBE’s I decided it wasn’t anything to freak about.
    Although most reported cases of OBE’s happen when people almost die, I can say that’s not always the case…I’m alive and well.
    If you try to totally relax every single part of your body and let go of all mental blocks you might just do it. Just remember to come back!!! some Body is waiting for you….


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