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Is it possible to Astral Project? and if so, how do you do it?


  1. That would be my question for you, how do you do it? This question isn’t really an Astronomy question, it belongs in the “New Age Mysticism” area… if there is one.

  2. i travelling in my astral plane and takes trips around the bay returning the very same day, with timothy leary. you can learn about it on a Moody Blues song on the cd Echoes of the Lost Chord

  3. check out books by ‘Carlos Castaneda’. Astral projection is a possibility, but how would one know they had done it? There are a few other terms for this very real human capability. Active Dreaming being one. Constructed Hallucination is another (practised by many people, via chanting and visual aids, no drugs involved).How to do it? – it is a meditation technique, be well rested, and slowly clear your mind of any internal dialog. Images help – focus on the thought of a small feather on the wind. The feather knows no ground, and cannot understand the sky, it simply is. Floating, effortlessly, forever.
    Hey -wake up, don’t get lost out there!


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