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Is it possible to accidentally astrally project during an episode of sleep paralysis?

I have terrible nightmares, which are likely episodes of sleep paralysis. I am looking for ways to calm myself to lesson the fear during these episodes but I don’t want to do anything which might cause an out of body experience or astral projecting. I am not even sure these things exists, but don’t want to cause my brain to think they do….any thoughts?


  1. Astral projection and sleep paralysis often go hand in hand.
    Before you go to sleep at night, spend about ten minutes meditating — pick a sound or thought or image and focus on it. As you are meditating, instruct your psyche to be calm and in control, and that if you have a nightmare, you will wake up without fear and knowing it is a nightmare. It may take some time, as these things often do, but this should help you greatly.

  2. Similar mechanisms in the brain cause sleep paralysis and out of the body experiences (OBEs), popularly called “astral projection.” In sleep, the 2 sometimes seem to transform into the other, but an OBE technically occurs during a waking state. It is considered a lucid dream state when it occurs during sleep. It is NOT a supernatural experience. You are NOT leaving your body even though it may feel this way. The phenomena have been documented by medical scientists and brain researchers. The first responder here had very good advice. Also become aware of what triggers sleep paralysis episodes: what position are you sleeping in when it occurs, what happened during the day, what did you eat or drink before going to sleep, where are you in your menstrual cycle, what is the weather or climate like in the room your sleeping in? All these things can factor into sleep paralysis episodes and then you can have some control over the situation to help avoid having sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs because the brain chemicals that are supposed to help you wake up are not happening in the right order so you are partly awake and your body is still asleep (the brain makes the body immobile when it is sleeping to protect people from hurting themselves. Things are faulty in people who sleep walk or thrash around a lot when they sleep).
    When sleep paralysis is occurring–or when in a lucid dream–you should try to be relaxed when you realize what is happening. If you are having a pleasant lucid dream/OBE, you can then make decisions to control what is happening and when you want to wake up. In sleep paralysis, you simply have to be patient about waking up and fearless and resilient about going back to sleep again. You might try taking a deep breath or wriggling your fingers to try to wake up. When I myself found myself having OBE-like episodes in sleep and didn’t like them, I would just decide I didn’t want to “play” and would lie down wherever I was as if going to sleep and then I would really wake up.


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