Home Discussion Forum Is it possible there to be an optimist with a negative energy?

Is it possible there to be an optimist with a negative energy?

If the person’s current state is optimistic to highly optimistic (variable ) is it possible that this person has negative energy(if we abstractly do agree that there is such a thing s ,,negative,, energy) ?
I mean negative energy at that same moment he is optimistic (his thoughts etc)
Well if we do accept that energy is in your body either you realize or not and thoughts are something different, the situation here would be optimistic thoughts combined with negative energy in your body, acutally this aims to revealing more details about the connection between thoughts and the energy in your body.(more details I mean, how strong it is, how it influences(speed,strenthg bla etc.)


  1. Could you expound upon this with an example? It’s hard to imagine a positive and negative existing in the same moment.
    You may be ‘reading’ negative where it doesn’t exist, or you may be picking up on negative vibes masquerading as something positive.
    In any event, it seems that this is a relationship that needs some serious thought before pursuing it further.

  2. I think the first poster Zamie got it. The energy within the optimist may not affect him personally. But the one near him may be negative if his intelligence and emotions may be turned off by it and turn towards hate.
    Another circumstance is when negative events happen that cause us to not understand the extent of how badly it has affected us. A feeling of overconfidence is not tempered with realism and we lose touch temporarily with reality. This happens in sports when you think your sports team a favorite is ahead in a game all the way until the end of the game. And it looks like another victory as time, even though the other team is slowly catching up as time is running out. The team can lose focus and lose because of its overconfidence. It did not protect itself from its overconfidence.
    Another situation I think you are talking about perhaps is if one is paralyzed yet has positive thoughts about walking again. Yet he must work with his body that will not respond to his brain’s command.
    I think this is what your question was about. If not then well I just made your point with my answer.

  3. Hi……
    It also could be that when a person’s character is bright and active, inspite of so many disheartening experiences in life. That could have possibly infused some stress whether consciously or not, can also form a kind of any shadowy aspect into one’s being. He/ or she could be coping up with something along within oneself.
    Have you already heard something about a ‘Wounded Healer’?
    Not just because the individual is physically wounded. But had already come across a lot of pains, miseries, and overbearing sorrows in life. But then again, this will never take off the reality of one’s inborn good quality. Specially when one became aware of his/ or her own purpose in life.
    He/ or she will be always that bright, pure and beautiful/ or handsome inside. Inspite of any overwhelming sadness, defeat, and struggle that were experienced and confronted before, nor for one has yet to meet again in life..
    And this light can possibly be emitted unto others with such person. For He/ or she already also had obtained some of the learnings about the self.
    Until there’s something manifested that becomes a part of one’s purpose in this life..
    Like doing to heal his/ or her own pain by helping out others too.
    As well as to understand himself more.
    However, some negative aspects might still possibly retain, that it may irresistably even show to its surface at times, for some wounds could have been still lingering on.
    Thank you…..
    Uncle Remus’s, So great as the ‘vibes’ really!

  4. What is a negative energy, just vibrations. Optimism is an absolute thing, even a pessimist is being optimistic about his pessimism.


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