Home Discussion Forum Is it possible that you can witness someone else's astral travel?

Is it possible that you can witness someone else's astral travel?

I’ve read about astral travel before, an out-of-body dream. The other day I’m pretty sure I saw my friend, who is currently living in another country, walk past me. I know at that time they would’ve been sleeping because of the time difference, and every physical detail about them was the same. Not to mention they told me something about having a dream about me that same night. Is this a concidence or astral travel?

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  1. No, sorry. It was a coincidence.
    There are many imaginary things that can make exciting and enjoyable fiction stories. Many people enjoy them and so do I.
    Just remember, these are NOT REAL:
    Astral traveling, dragons, time traveling, Cupid, reincarnation, werewolves, genies, zombies, telepathy, mermaids, vampires, lucky numbers, tooth fairies, homeopathic healing, magic (of any color), leprechauns, spontaneous human combustion, astrological influences, Vulcan death grip, clairvoyants, Superman, angels, charmed or lucky objects, unicorns, hexes, space aliens on Earth, light sabers, paranormal anything, dead people walking around, fountain of youth, telekinesis, spirit guides… or supernatural events of any kind.

  2. As an atheist, I would normally refrain from making an unprovable assertion; but, I have had personal experiences that lead me to say, “yes,” it is possible to witness someone else’s astral travels.
    I regularly have out of body experiences and travel great distances to commune with others who are doing the same thing. I document them carefully – and, I’ve verified two such encounters with others.
    I’ve been “called” by others to group meetings of astral travelers. I’ve visited people at their homes, while they were beginning their out of body travel. And, I’ve been witnessed by others both in and out of body while I was out of body – those who were not out of body, but saw me did not know what they were seeing. I was, to them, I guess, a UFO. And, animals frequently both see and react to me while I am out of body.
    You can believe me, or not. I don’t care. I just have fun with it – and, I’m getting better at it, too. We have abilities that few of us can even comprehend. We’re on the verge of a fundamental shift in our very nature – one where we will move away from crude verbal language to a far more complete form of communication that even the internet can never touch.
    Here, I will relate one such experience to you:
    I had gotten up early one morning to answer the call of nature; and, when I returned to bed, I laid down to go back to sleep. After lying there for just a few minutes, I found myself “stuck” between consciousness and unconsciousness – still aware that I had just returned from the bathroom, but also almost in a dream state. I suddenly found myself out of body and being whisked away, like the wind. I was “flying” across the countryside to the southeast portion of the appalachian mountains and came to a small, white, clapboard house in the middle of a large field in a valley surrounded by mountains.
    I moved to the inside of the house right through the wall. Inside, there were a number of people present. It was a strange scene indeed.
    There was a rather large woman dressed in a white night gown who welcomed me as I entered. She said, “Thank you so much for coming. I called you here.”
    There was also a younger woman, probably in her late twenties, wearing a light floral print night gown. She said “Isn’t this exciting! I’m at home asleep! Is this your first time?” I didn’t answer.
    Next was a man from India wearing traditional garb (a lightly decorated robe of some kind). He said “Welcome fellow traveler.” I asked him, where he was and he answered, “I am in Calcutta. I am meditating.”
    Finally, there was a black man dressed in street clothes who said excitedly, “I’m on a bus! Isn’t this fantastic?”
    Next, the large woman who called me there laid down on the floor in the middle of the living room. She asked me, “Would you like to meet the others?” I replied, yes.
    She said, “Then come closer.”
    I moved closer to her and when I got within about three feet of her, she “seized me” in a metaphysical way, analogous to holding onto a kite string and I was the kite.
    She began whirling me around her above her body. As she did so, I began to “collide” with the consciousness of first the others in the room, but then with other consciousnesses that were not visibly present. It began slowly with each contact occurring about one second apart. But, it got progressively faster as she whirled me around faster and faster.
    I want the nature of this experience to be clear: For a brief instant, I actually BECAME the other individuals. I actually KNEW what it was like to BE them. I WAS THEM, seeing through their “eyes” sensing their thoughts and awarenesses in their most intimate detail. There were no secrets. I literally became dozens of individuals in rapid succession. It was far more complete of an “introduction” to others than I had ever experienced before, or since. Yet, there were no names and the fullness of each individual “contact” began to fade almost immediately, as I switched to the next consciousness.
    The experience was overwhelming to me and after a very short time, perhaps only a minute or two, I felt myself be “snatched” back to my own body in my own bed. I sat up bolt upright in the bed, still with the clear memory of what had just happened. Indeed, this experience took place more than twelve years ago and the clarity and vivid details remain.
    Much of my understanding of our true nature has proceeded from this experience.

    • Where do you meet these others? Are there web sites or chat rooms? Ive been having these off and on since I was 15 (so the past 15 years), I don’t induce them…Im not sure how they occur, I notice usually when Im having a lot stress. I haven’t made it past the sleep paralysis stage…always because there is this very dark enity of some form pacing back in forth in a doorway or just standing staring at me, its the most fear and dread ive ever felt in my life so I wake myself by shaking my head side to side, it takes the utmost energy physically and mentally having to this. Id like to finally move past this to have experiences like you have mentioned, I thought you may new of a good place for me to find more information or someone that “helps” or “aids” in fully leaving the body. my email is ***@gmail.com. Thanks!

  3. I cannot negate you, though science cannot establish, because science is still in elementary class if compared to the wisdom and knowledge available in the universe. Nerrations of Sai Baba seen at different places, nerrations of astral travels and maya vidya in the ancient books and warfare of mahabharatha and many other miraculous feats or saints, prophets, god incarnations, including Jesus Christ, Moses, Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Gautama the Budha, Mahavira and the like which billions of people believe cannot be stories and fictions.
    There is no co-incidence in your experience, it is either a hallucination of apparisons or your presumptions could be right. Since you have already read and aware of the chances of astral travel, there is more hallucination to it than factual witnessing. That does make me disbelieve in the possibilities what the mind can achieve. If mind wills it can astral travel and nothing in the world is impossible to the mind.
    Afterall what are all those images which travels thousands of miles in the air to reach your living room in the TV? It means the images of everything is available in the atmosphere and has wavelengths and can travel. If that is the case, why not the mind alongwith the body travel in an image form out of the body into the atmosphere. We are catching the images in a tv because we know the technique. If I had said it is possible before TV was invented, I would have been phoo, phooed as talking nonsense, but when someone invents it, the science starts accepting it and his name is inscribed in golden letters as the owner of that invention. It had existed before but now it is invented. It means everything you can think of exists, if only we know the technique to invent it to make it science and acceptable. The same person after taking the clue will invent it and will vehmently argue for it once he becomes the inventor.
    Omnicience, Omnipotence, Omniverous, Omnipresent, and Omnihearing are the attributes of Ether or Ishwar or God which is the same element from which the Soul of the human beings is formed and the mind of the human functions. All normal function and thinking of the human beings are done by mind. But, when the mind gets dissolved in the Soul, it is the Devine element that is starting to work and that devine element has the power to be omnipresent and the like. That is the stage when astro travel is possible. Some individuals of highly elevated spiritual state of mind when takes birth in this universe knowingly or unknowingly as a freek incidence could achieve those higher powrers of omnipresence which we call astral travel and be present in two places at a time. Sri Krishna had did it with his Gopikas, being with all of them at the same time. I have no doubts everything is possible.

  4. Do not listen to Donut Tim. He/She is the most wrong person. Trust me astral travel is the realest thing you will ever experience. People who have a strong psychic ability can see someone else’s etheric travel not astral travel. Astral Travel happens in the astral plane.

  5. I just recently told a new friend who six months ago house sat for us while we were away to visit family that I had seen him after I had returned. I had been gone for two weeks and my husband for only one week. So our friend slept in our room for one week and then left. When I returned I was lying in the middle of the bed close to my husband because I was cold. When I turned my head to the side I usually sleep on I saw my friend lying there and suddenly he sat up on the bed, got up and walked away. I didn’t know him well then so I only recently asked him if when he house sat he had slept on my side of the bed, and he said yes. He asked how did I know? I told him that I saw him. He was a bit freaked out as he doesn’t believe in spiritual things or invisible things. I don’t know why I saw him but I did and it was clearly him. He doesn’t do astral travel but he did say he really enjoyed staying at our house and loved his time here. I figured, part of him didn’t really want to leave but once I returned the house was too full for him to remain. I really don’t know what happened.


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