• I also thought that electricity was slower than light, so you would need to use the fusion power that’s created the “heavy particles” as you travel faster than light to power the drive, and everything else to power the ship. If anything I wrote seemed like it didn’t seen it came from me, any question I would willingly answer, to prove I’m me. Only incase if you think what I’m writing is the truth/fact.

  • With no education in anything in space, or physics. Just a high school diploma. Would that mean something? I also know with such a high gravity field it could possibly slow down time, but I also thought that once “time” entered the singularity it would speed back up to ether speed up/ slow down/ or equal out time.
    Please let me know if anything I said was impossible, and make it fact/proven if you explain it. Remember that I have just a high school education, and always have things like this in my head.

  • In middle school I had a theory of light speed. If you were on a buss traveling at the speed of light, and would walk from the back of the bus to the front. Would you disappear? I would run that experiment over, and over in my head, and would ask friends that question. No answers ever came. For some reason I thought of a buss, not a plain. Does that mean I’m thinking of space travel with no resistance? Also I thought to move the buss that fast is to use a “Gravity Drive”. To join several pieces of extremely heavy particles of matter in front of the buss to pull the buss forward. Not push it.

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