Home Discussion Forum Is it possible that words carry energy and actions carry consequences?

Is it possible that words carry energy and actions carry consequences?

Is it possible that one can heal himself/herself with positive surroundings, thoughts, words and actions?
Thanks for answering. Peace, Love and Blessings!


  1. The most powerful and creative force in the Universe is the spoken word. God said let there be, and there was. God created man in his own image, therefore, we too have this ability if we learn to believe and use it. So, I suppose the answer to your question is a definite yes.

  2. Yes, Hitler carried people with words. The people that acted on them sout out they’re conciquences. It is a hard fact that positive surroundings makes a positive child. It is 10000% true.

  3. I don’t think it’s just a possibility. I think positivism has helped alot of people and has been studied and demonstrated. I’m a firm believer in positivism. As for actions….isn’t it obvious?

  4. You have the right idea. Yes, words do carry energy and actions do carry consequences. But, you also need belief of your abilities, no doubts, otherwise it is for naught.

  5. First question: I don’t know about words carrying energy, but even a dog knows when he’s been kicked. No matter how nicely or politely you give an insult, people often figure out your real meaning. Our words carry as far as God when we pray sincerely, though.
    Our actions definitely have consequences, and I don’t even need to bring religion into the discussion to show that. Our choices are expressed in our actions. Our actions, persisted in, become our habits. Our habits become our attitudes, and our attitudes become our character. Unfortunately, our character heavily influences our actions, so this is a difficult cycle to break (have you ever tried to break a bad habit?).
    There is a world filled with things that I do not know, but people who practice far eastern meditations such as qigong seem to have much better health than average. Even if you decide to pursue qigong, don’t reject Western medicine for urgent things and God for spiritual guidance.

  6. Well if you want to get technical
    HEre is some physics
    Voice is sound waves, sound is a form of energy within a certain frequency that we can comprehend
    Action, all actions have equal and opposite reactions, this Newton’s law of physics (on a non quantum scale).
    So yes

  7. Yes, as an ancient adage goes, “energy follows thought”. And sound can be a powerful medium. In the near future humanity will realize this has enormous implications.
    I don’t expect you to believe this, but…
    Many wonder how the Egyptian pyramids were formed. Unbelievably heavy stones that could hardly be managed with today’s technology, much less the “stone age” technology. The answer is they used certain mantras, or vocal repetitions of powerful words, that allowed them to overcome the pull of gravity. We, too, will arrive at that point. Many great wonders were lost during the Atlantean civilization. Humanity doesn’t know much about its past. But we will surpass many of these things and advance beyond our wildest dreams before too long.

  8. Not only word, but more so, body language. Energy that is expelled by the individual, be it positive or negative.
    Actions do carry consequences.
    What you sow, so shall you reap.

  9. Thoughts, words, and actions are tools that function as builders or destroyers. That which is positive constructs toward castles and mansions (metaphorically speaking), while the negative destroys and impoverishes, creating hovels, shacks, and homelessness in the spiritual sense. All energetic manifestations carry results (preferred over “consequences,” which seems to carry a sense of punishment), and it is our choice whether we will build or destroy, impede or dissolve obstacles to full fruition of the seed potential we carry within. Our choice is to “become/be” or to forestall/stagnate. The more we invite that which is positive into our consciousness, the closer to our Real Home we move.
    Some might point out that positive/negative are polarities and exist only in the minds of human beings in this limited field of duality. But for our purposes, with out limited language and experience, the contrast will serve until such time as we merge into the One beyond these contrasting concepts. We are evolving en masse toward higher consciousness, and will ultimately be removed from such limited thinking. Until that shift is realized, “positive” serves our current process of becoming what we already are.
    i am Sirius

  10. .
    Yes. Possible and very true statement. I know that because myself and others I know have personally experienced and lived that.
    Knives can cut the skin. Same that unhealthy emotional environment, words, actions can “cut” the soul.
    Energy of person(s) and/or places doesn’t resonate with you? Than shift or change that energy. Self talk, love of self, clear communication with self and others, move if need be.
    The skin will heal and the soul will heal when care is taken to place your body and soul in healthy surroundings.
    We are the “hero” of our own story.
    “Surround yourself with people and places that will help you achieve your goals”.
    A person is to ask…”What are my goals and desires”?
    Know those goals / desires then be in surroundings that will “fertilize” those goals / desires to grow and come to be.

  11. Bad words produce negative energy or force.
    Good words produce positive energy or force.
    Surely one can heal himself/herself or can lead healthy life 🙂


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