Sunday, September 26, 2021

Is it possible that we have telepathy?

me and my friend always finsish eachtoher sentences and sometimes we will just say “remember!” and we both remember the same thing. Also sometimes we just look at eachother and know what we are thinkg about, do we have telepthaty?


  1. It’s possible, but not probable. Decades of testing under laboratory conditions have failed to produce any evidence that telepathy is real. What you describe has more to do with shared experiences than mental telepathy.

  2. Hi topsy; Yes, I agree with Wounded Duck. You sound like an older married couple who can finish each other’s sentences. It’s familiarity not telepathy.

  3. So far the answer is an unequivocal “No.”
    There has not been a single test or experiment that has indicated any telepathic abilities in any human being tested.
    There are zillions of cases of coincidence. That is not the same thing.
    You and your friend do not have telepathy, because that and all other “psychic abilities” simply do not exist.
    I doubt that anything in the future will happen to alter this.


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