Is it possible that we have communications on a subconscious level that we do not consciously understand?

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Once, while in deep meditation, I had the experience of seeing Hebrew letters just floating by, as though some sort of message were being conveyed. But since I couldn’t understand them, I wondered whether it was a message I understood at the subconsciousl level, possibly through access to the collective or universal mind or Akashic record.

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Vincent G

No, and you are deluding yourself.


Nope, probably just you drifting off to sleep from all that deep meditation. However, if you want to see something, you may convince yourself that you see it: People think they see Jesus in grilled cheese sandwiches.

Nish M

you have to remember what question you asked youself because it happen,
its not what the Hebrew letters mean but what “hebrew” means to you. Maybe your relationship with the religion or someone that is jewish.

lady dawne

sure it is possible. why not? i too have sometimes seen unusual things floating inside my mind during meditation. more often than not years passed before i came to an understanding or even just a reglimmer of the experience. i think sometimes it may be a precursor to inform us to PAY ATTENTION when in your day-to-day life a similar experience triggers a memory of the vision. again, it may be days or months or years later .


It’s entirely possible, yes. sounds to me like a guide was communicating with you. when you’re in meditation you access sides of yourself hidden from conscious mind. It’s also a way to communicate with the other side, as that state of mind is ripe for communication.

Frank W

a great deal of our communication is processed on the subconscious. we can read and interpret facial expresssions, body language, etc.
i think it is why so many flame wars erupt on the internet – we no longer have our subconscious input to get a more complete message from those communicating to us.


It is not only possible it is experimentally validated from main stream scientific studies. For example your senses will acquire information and you will process them unconsciously in order to allow you to make those gut choices. It helps if you have some knowledge before hand about what you are sensing. In other words an art dealer can “just know” there is something wrong with a painting before being able to describe how he knows (though with further thought it is often possible).
It fails to work when you have no knowledge of the subject. In other words the nuclear engineer (with no art classes) is less likely to “just know” something is wrong with a painting and more likely to make mistakes about it.
This is detailed in interesting accounts for the general reader in an excellent book titled
“Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell
As for your specific instance your mind was probaby trying to tell you something that it chose (for some reason) to represent with Hebrew (are you sure that was it) letters.
Were they clear enough to look up and attempt to translate? Does Hebrew itself hold any meaning or connection for you?
It would be interesting to know what further meditation on this issue would provide to your mind.


Well i would say anything is possible!!
I beleive in all this & more so keep doing it!


Yes it is very possible.

dzevad b

that’s my dream while astral i heard some people did it already while astral and yes it’s possible


Yes it is. Re-read Edgar Cayce’s ideas about this. It’s enlithening.


Maybe what your trying to describe is retro telepathy.You could have a psychic connection to someone and not even relise it.It could be someone you know or it could be some one you never even met but still have a psychic connection too ,like a actor or your favoriet celeberty.That actor or celeberty can only make that connection with you if they have met you or seen your picture somewhere.


I thing it’s possible. For as much as we know about our world, there is even more waiting to be discovered. Especially when it comes to the mind.


Super cool! Yep, happened to me when I was teen. Now decades later I will become a Reiki Master in two days hence. I have also been Remote Viewing for years.
The fact that you brought it to light indicates to me that you have that awareness that is required to develop your gifts. Others tend to deny it or write it off to some delusional dream. I feel sorry for them because they don’t trust their own intellect.
If I were you I’d have a very close look at Kabbalah.
Sometimes these are only messages to get us to look outside of ourselves such as you have done. Congrats!


How did it make you feel? Did you sense a solution to some aspect of your life? If it was a message, I sincerely hope your mind did understand because it was sent to help you.


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