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Is it possible that ur aura could heal both ur self and other people/animals?

it does 4 me, i can heal little spikes of pain through out my body.


  1. Yes it is possible; However, it does take a long time and immense concentration to heal bigger pains. Healing another takes concentration since you need to take notice of their energy signal first and find where the problem lies, you can eventually be able to “see” where the problem is in the aura itself. Though, the fact you can heal little pains is quite impressive, bravo! Just don’t try to get too out of hand, you could do more damage than you will fix.

  2. Nope but I can endure massive amounts of pain and stress. Ever been through ROTC army, yea they starve and work you for 2 days then put you in simulations that push you to your limits. Its not self healing its called endurance and adrenaline…

  3. Yes, and there are many different types of healing using the energy field. Someone above mentioned auric healing. There is also Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, Pranic healing and many more. They are very similar in that you use your intention to direct your energy (or to channel energy) into a body to help it heal itself. I feel that I do not actually do the healing, but serve as a channel for this energy to flow; the body’s wisdom uses the energy to heal itself. “I’m not the water, I’m the faucet.”
    Take a class, such as Reiki, to learn more about your gift.

  4. Yeah, you can use your aura or personal energy for all sorts of things. I use mine to help lessen headaches and minor bumps all the time.
    You should look into Reiki- it’s similar.

  5. I can make myself not feel pain, and I can heal my headaches by concentrating my energy and spreading it into my head with intentions of healing. Scientifically I could just be somehow consciously closing off neural pathways that produce the feeling of pain, but every time I’ve tried to heal myself from cuts or other things it doesn’t work. I have no idea what I’m doing but it seems to work with the headaches, and my energy or aura or w.e you wanna call it feels tangible and real. starts in my gut and spreads through my whole body. But ya anyway I think it’s very possible if your learned and practiced enough.

  6. Absolutely. Small example, I have never had Novocaine, despite having major dental work done, to the total amazement of my dentist, who thought, “Easterners aren’t like that.” My dentist is Indian, by the way.


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