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Is it possible that the UFOs and aliens that we encounter were poltergeist?

Some faith healer believes that poltergeist can penetrate into different dimensions and this means that they can jump into one dimension to another in just a matter of seconds anywhere they want,whenever they want.Some even suggested that they used the the ‘worm hole’ in the space to travel faster to Earth.Perhaps peltergeist,just like us could’nt survive in the outer space without a help of some type of vehicle fully equipped for outer space survival.For us humans,we used the space shuttle but for the poltergiest,they used what we called as UFO.So is it possible that the so-called alien beings that we encouter were not actually a highly-intellect aliens from other planet visiting us but rather an evil spirit from another dimensions pretending to be aliens?What do you guys think about this?


  1. Well, i dont believe thats true…i dont believe in evil spirits or similiar thingS! and I dont think people can go through “WORM HOLES” to travel dimensions!..
    Its like science fiction books.

  2. ummm whats this got to do with physics? 4th dimensional analysis? that’s calculus. but it’s a very intresting view on the subject. maybe we are the spirits of aliens who physically live on another planet and the spirits are just the aliens that have near death experiences.

  3. I think it’s possible. there are no limits in these universe… think in Edgar Allan Poe, Newton< Galileo, they are into fiction because the people don't have the open mind to wndrestand it, but it's real.

  4. Or… perhaps it’s the other way around… that poltergeists, ghosts and other ethereal entities are actually extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings utilizing technology of which we are only now becoming aware?


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