Is it possible that the Spell Checker is into Yoga….but maybe hiding it…..?

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I never would have imagined it….but the Spell Checker suggests the word Kindling to replace Kundalini. Sounds like the makings of a Fire to me. The Checker had to give some sort of a substitute for Kundalini….which doesn’t compute on Answers dictionary….However, it did not want to be untrue to Kundalini Yoga Path… it substituted a word that symbolizes what Kundalini is….Fire Energy…..and it gave forth the word Kindling….LOL…..In addition to being into Yoga……I think the Spell Checker has a Sense of Humor also….
PS….try it yourself, if you’re a skeptic…..Kundalini to Kindling….Kundalini to Kindling…..Kundalini to Kindling…..every time I check it….there it is….7 times in this question alone.
(this link won’t all come thru…..on the ooops page, you must chose the link in purple letters….the one that includes Nature and Flames)

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Arcade biZ

Wow, perhaps you are overthinking this just a teeeensy bit, and the spellchecker is just trying to find a word of around the same length containing as much of the same letters as possible using the limited dictionary it has.
“try it yourself, if you’re a skeptic”
I’m not a skeptic about your claims about what the spell checker does, I’m skeptical about your claims as to what it means.

Mystic Shiva Says

lol goldberry, ITs showing you, im sure you are aware of the sycnorisation right ? yeah it can be so crazy at times too. Just be prepared to be amazed by more, thats how IT shows ITself. totally unique to individuals, know what I mean ?


I know you are just being funny. I have seen that some of the substitutions are funny or insightful. I think that is just some of the coincidences in life that are just that, insignificant coincidences.


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