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Is it possible that the masks of Egypt pharaons are a kind of materialised elemental designed to protect the .

spirit of the Pharaon from boring attention and trials of evocation?


  1. The ancient Egyptians thought the masks imparted special protection to the Pharaoh against evil spirits in the afterlife. I have no idea what you mean by “materialised elemental”, but it’s just a gold mask.

  2. The masks of the Pharaohs mummies are made of well recognized materials — gold, wood, paint, enamel, precious stones, etc. They have no spiritual properties, nor are they “a kind of materialized elemental” (whatever that means).

  3. The Egyptian pharoahs were embalmed. Everything in the embalming process was to protect the pharoah in the afterlife. The pharoahs were never meant to be disturbed.
    May God bless you.

  4. Yes, it is possible that’s the purpose the designers had in mind when they built them. It’s also almost infinitely improbable that they are effective as such.

  5. I am sure this was probably thier intent, and they wouldnt want thier pharaoh getting bored after they died.
    However, I am sure it probably didn’t really work. We are talking about a very superstitious people……Granted, good at making mathematically sound structures with lots of slaves, but very superstitious none the less.

  6. those mummies are where they ran out of ideas to make things and they had nothing else to do with hteir time,, so they made a fake statue of a person and buried it thet way after they made evrerything they could think of they made them over and over

  7. I think it’s interesting that they seemed to believe that the spirit would actually stay with their body so long after death. They may have actually believed that the embalming was a way to preserve life after death and that as long as the body was near completion, that they could be immortal or even resurrected. I can understand how they would believe that the mask,coffin, tomb etc.would give them added protection from the elements and decomposition.

  8. They’re just metal or wood!
    I think the reason they are sculpted or carved or painted into a likeness of the person within is so that if the face was damaged they could go into the afterlife “looking their best”
    The Egyptians seem to have believed that at least one part of the soul or spirit retained a connection to this world and that by ‘anchoring’ it to a mummy or statue some kind of protection was given to the spirit on its journey to the afterlife.
    Another reason for portrait faces was that part of the burial rituals was the opening of the mouth to allow the spirit to go free.
    A third reason may have been a belief that some kind of spiritual force was absorbed by the tomb and mummy and could connect with the outside world to protect family members?
    I cant say with absolute certainty because the Egyptians own beliefs about the afterlife changed over the centuries.
    Some Egyptians seem to have believed in reincarnation in the later periods but mostly they believed the spirit went else where or wandered as a ghost if the death rites were incomplete?


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