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Is it possible that the extra dimensions are where our consciousness exists?

String theory and quantum physics suggest that there are numerous, inconceivably small extra dimensions coiled up in every measurable corner of what we experience as 4D space/time. Can energy have form and consciousness without having substance (physical matter). If so could this energy access and or emanate from these tiny recesses in reality?


  1. You may have something there Blade. I’ve been trying to figure this out for some time now. Possibly a “pocket universe” where the energy exists that we call consciousness that is activated by a nexus within our brain. Very good theory.

  2. Wow, thats a doozy of a pickle. 4D space and time? I dont think energy could exist without physical matter.

  3. No that’s rubbish. We don’t need those extra dimensions for consciousness.
    There is nothing mystical or supernatural about consciousness. Its a purely physical phenomenon only requiring 4 dimensions (including time).
    What ‘energy’ are you talking about exactly? I’m afraid you’re talking pseudo-science – not science.

  4. Who knows…But I have thought on consciousness….That is the brain works on electric current there by thought is electric. and if electricity can be measured it is matter and mater that can be measured exist in this dimension. So the real question is where does this type of electric come from…does our brain produce it or does the electric give us the consciousness that we experience?

  5. I suspect consciousness is contained in the electro-chemical makeup of our brains. You seem to be a bit off on the deep end of imagination.

  6. Just to clarify, it is the string theory that invokes the other dimensions, not quantum physics.
    String theory is a very weird part of physics which I am not familiar with, but I can tell you this. It invokes the other dimensions to try and unify the laws of quantum physics with the laws of general relativity (gravity). It has not been proved yet and theoretical physicist that play with the strings are desperately trying to find experiments that could be done to demonstrate that the theory is true.
    As for hiding your consciousness in the other dimensions, well, maybe. Rudolf Steiner might agree with you. And Sri Aurobindo said that by raising your level of consciousness you would see the world quite differently…


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