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Is it possible that the African nation understands kundalini better than any other country?

They also have fun while doing this. I love drum circles and the liberation of dancing with my hands in the air. These roots are so deep and more natural.

African peoples! Hopefully that clears the air and it really doesn’t matter.
Why do you guys have to be so Politically correct? You have to correct punctuation, grammar, sentence structure…..geez!!!


  1. Ya right. A country is a product of what they believe. You think Africa is such a great place to live? NOT. Backwards, superstitious, think Albinos body parts are great powerful witchcraft medicine… two tribes chopping each other up all the time…. their kings not letting food aid go thru cause they want to see that tribe die off.
    So natural, ya. Like animals. You move there- move to Nigeria or the Sudan or anywhere really and you tell us then how wonderful of understanding they have.
    Superstitions and ignorance need to be wiped out with education not encouraged.

  2. “The African nation”?
    Apparently it has escaped your notice that Africa is a continent, not a nation. There are, like, forty or so nations in Africa.

  3. I run into lots of yogis at drum circles. These are some of the most open and beautiful people I know, and the always make a drum circle better. Drummers from Africa, on the other hand, are rarely much fun at a drum circle. I don’t know why. When you see the YouTube videos of village drumming events in Africa, it’s generally a small group of drummers and a lot of dancers, not a whole bunch of people drumming together.
    If I want to just enjoy drumming with someone, I’ll chose an American or a European yogi over an African drummer anytime.


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