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Is it possible that my Subconscious mind remembers something from when i was a baby?

and it affects how i feel w/ certain situations?
example: abuse


  1. Simply put…yes! Some people go through very traumatic situations and block it out for years and years and suddenly remember it one day and have all of those feels come back. If the abuse was bad enough to make a impact on a infant then yes you can remember it, you may dream about it or just not like whatever is going on for some reason or other. Yes you can remember some people remember moments of their birth.

  2. apparently the human brain only uses something like 5% of its capacity at one time.
    this includes memory, meaning that there is a lot that is in there, just not in the part your memory takes use of most…. if you can tap into more of your memory (hypnotherapy? i dont know how you would do it) ive heard people can drag a lot out. Something similiar to what memory loss patients go through, the memory is often there, they just have to tap into it.

  3. Usually your conscious memory doesn’t start to develop until you’re about three. I can still remember the dumbest things from when I was eighteen months old such as waking up after a surgery to find my father not in the room and only my mother there trying to calm my crying. I should have been too drowsy to remember.
    I’m not certain about subconscious, but considering that abuse is quite traumatic, it could very well be possible.
    Hope I helped! ^.^

  4. But of course. Subconscious fears are the result of phobias and fears we didn’t even know about it. And abuse is chalked up bigh on the list.


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