Is it possible that my sexual chakra is too energized and overpowers my willpower chakra?

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Or something like that? How can I balance them out? I feel as though I have too little energy and will power, motivation and focus, but I have plenty of sexual energy, I mean lots. Also, I think it was stimulated too young, due to childhood incidences. I feel as though I have had this problem for a long time.
I have started to meditate and learn about chakra balancing and it is working wonders. Any advice?

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So Uncivilized

I think it is that way for most guys.

theo the cod BTFH

Why not, your gullibility has already overpowered your reason.


I think it’s less a question of chakras and more one of old-fashioned hormones.


I don’t know how much you know about chakra balancing but it realy can help you.
if you can feel the size of your sex chakra and you realize that is too big then try to remove congested energy or clean your chakra with ‘light white orange’


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