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Is it possible that Jesus was a Shaman?

Many biblical accounts of Jesus feats support the notion that he was a Shaman, rather than the son of a deity with Godly powers. Throughout history the Christian church has adapted their beliefs and borrowed many rituals from Paganism and other beliefs, therefore is it plausible that the beginning of the Church did the same?


  1. Maybe. God apparently came down on Jesus in the form of a dove. Shaman’s say:
    Dove/Pigeon’s Wisdom Includes:
    Brings peace and love
    Understanding of gentleness
    Spirit messenger
    Communicates between the two worlds
    Apparently, Shaman’s have many gifts like channeling spirits from the spirit kingdoms of good and evil. Jesus was receiving his power from the spirit world. Many believe he was receiving his power from God. Was Jesus channeling God? Was Jesus the son of God? I believe he was the son of God.
    Note: Leviticus 20:6 strictly forbids believing in Mediums and Spiritualists. It suggests that God will cut off people who believes in them. I think some Shaman’s may unknowingly channel evil spirits, which would be very dangerous for society overall. I disagree with Leviticus 20:27; It suggests that a man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be stoned to death. This sounds like satanic punishment. Jesus was against killing people as punishment for their sins. He said something like “he who is without sin may cast the first stone.”

  2. First off, there is absolutely no chance of JC being a Shaman. Second, he wasn’t the son of a diety. He was the son of God. And for the last question, it can’t be plausable because the first church was started by Paul in the book of Acts, which was way before Paganism.

  3. Sahara has it right. No Shaman ever did miracles. There is only one Jesus and one God. I would say you have to research the real Bible in order to understand. God Bless.

  4. Jesus was sent to hell by God, so maybe he pulled some stuff he wasn’t supposed to, but, hey, it’s Lucifer and the devil and Satan; so that’s probably okay.


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