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Is it possible that eternal life in Heaven, in and of itself, is not all it is cracked up to be?

by skahhh:

Consider that we life in an Uncertainty Stimulus Environment. Consider that afterlife with God or Creation Energy, might be the closest we as individual souls, collectively ever come to ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE and CERTAINTY! Consider that Certianty might be very boring! Consider, that a few seconds in this environment might drive you stir crazy enough to WANT to return to a Mortal Uncertainty Stimulated Environment Platform, just for the fun of it?
Life does not always seem FAIR!
Hi! I am a Forgive Affirmed Spirit and this is what I profess and try to act like.
Forgive Affirmed Spirit is the belief in a way of life that is a method of grief resolution and functional communication processing involving active listenning, sympathy, empathy and affirmation of shock, denial, anger, guilt, depression, loneliness and hope…a kind of ego-equilibrium seeking methodology.
A Greater Works of communication and action, a way to learn to love your enemies “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you AS IF YOU WERE THEM!”
And nobody is perfect! NOBODY! We are all judgeable, hopefully in a graceful discerning way! We are all doing our best every moment!
Humans judge everything as we are a part of it. Without difference, we have nothing to live for, nothing to witness. Sin is difference, the relative seriousness with regards to law and survival of other beings, is punishable by the courts. The best way to judge is with as much graceful discernment as one can muster in a given moment!
Life is the question(uncertainty) asked by the exhaling infinitely compacted imagination invention, or no thing, which is completely certain of everything, completely omniscient or all knowing.
When I die, I believe I will be in a new state, aware of all that is and yet divided into the nature of dust that I am in, whereupon my dust shall fall. My being will remain an infinite part of an infinite being and infinite knowledge without my material human being status of now. So there will be a change.
But my soul, my passions and discompassions, will move on to infinite places of comfort and challenge. Able to return to this state of uncertainty and free choice illusion for another ride when it is called effectively to do so.
So that the children of God, the creations of God, .. are actually part in parcel of that God or Creation Energy!
This life is a roller coaster ride. Enjoy your passion within it and whatever gathering of two or more in Forgive Affirmed Spirit to make it better can garner.
Healing be unto you and yours and me and mine in
Forgive Affirmed Spirit
Jon, Certainty, as a word would be Total Knowlege in this question, something that is unachievable in this mortal lifetime. Anything other than Total Certainty or Total Knowledge is uncertain and can only be expressed in belief and doubt, perhaps by percentage but not actually measurable…..except maybe with a lie detector? lol Just thought I would try to clarify what I am trying to say. Thanks for posting your comment! You improve me.
Agent Smith, IMHO, A pick axe murderer got that way because they were not treated right in the first place. We must assume that people want to be treated nicely or religion for humanity is out the window, don’t you think?
Agent Smith, I am now advocating life in my Law of Love, that should clarify things a bit. Thanks for posting. You improve me!
Ruth, “What is so wrong with living forever in a beautiful paradise.”? If living forever in a beautiful paradise means you know every jot and tittle of it, that you don’t have to think about it, perhaps it is sooo boring, you want out!
Elaine, maybe some commit suicide to get to this beautiful place only to find out that they can’t stand all the beauty and all the knowledge, that it is too much to take, too boring, when you know how it all is put together. Perhaps one seeks the challenge of not knowing and living like that even for short mortal periods over infinite certainty!?
Sigh, Is it possible that the illusion before us, since we seem to learn stuff, is that we are put here to learn, while the realitiy is, no learning is necessary to be a part of Creation Energy, and that we are just on a ride that looks like we are learning for another state, when the learning is really not necessary, when the next state is a break from uncertainty, and that’s it?
I mean if you know everything, wouldn’t that be quite boring?

Answer by ross
Dying does not take you to Heaven. Proper living does…right now. The roller coaster ride and all boredom can be over.
Nothing changes except the physical world when you die.
Revelation 22:11
He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.


  1. The major flaw in your thinking is that you assume there is only a limited amount of certainty, or that certainty can be attained 100%.
    If certainty is unlimited or if it is only approached at infinite progression, then your theory needs adjusting.

  2. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you AS IF YOU WERE THEM!”
    What if the “others” are pick-axe murderers?
    To learn about the nature of God, please read Mt in the NT.
    God love you!

  3. In heaven you would live as a spirit person without a flesh and blood body. There is no marriage or sex. Spirit persons do not eat or sleep.
    Revelation 5:10 says they are to be kings and priests and rule over the earth.
    Matthew 5:5 says the meek will inherit the earth. Where there is marriage, children, food, sleep and water falls of exquisit design.
    For me who loves the mountains, woods, lakes and water falls I want to live on the earth in a flesh and blood body.
    That neither grows old, gets sick or dies. What is so wrong with living forever in a beautiful paradise. Just because Adam and Eve threw it away doesn’t mean we have to.

  4. Your a strange one..
    Well i couldnt bother reading the whole thing but this is what i think
    Were just put on this earth so we learn stuff from life and then in heaven we can use all those wise things we learnt as a guide to live in this afterlife which just could be another stage of a BIGGER process which we just wont be able to understand unless we get there.For all we know this might go on forever till the end of the universe(which would happen eventually).
    That or God just put us on earth for some fun
    Whichever youd prefer

  5. God say,s it can never enter into a mans mind just how
    beautiful Heaven will be, we can dream of it and see it in
    our mind but if we are lucky enough to make it to Heaven
    I am sure there will be no bordom or wanting to go anywhere else
    for no know can know how beautiful Heaven is until
    we get there.

  6. It is more than that.e.g. With all modern amenities available to your, would you like to return to primitive stone age?The same holds for Heaven


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