Home Discussion Forum Is it possible that a person could learn how to shape shift?

Is it possible that a person could learn how to shape shift?

I’d like to learn how this is done since I’ve heard of people who can do it. I could finally shape shift into anyone I desire. I could shape shift into a very beautiful woman, and that would be so awesome. So is there anyone in here who could tell me about it? Serious answer please!


  1. Physically, no. Not without bones that can stretch or compress at will. It might be possible if your skeleton was composed of thousands of tiny nano-bones each driven by its own set of muscles that could re-arrange themselves under mental power, but this would be a horrendously complicated system for a body to have.
    However, there are subtler ways of going about this. Most girls do eventually master the art of looking like not only very beautiful woman but also sex-crazed sluts or even prim and proper power women depending on what they’re doing that day or evening. There’s more to it than simply clothes and make-up, too. As a man I know little about female arts, but the fact is that they do manage it somehow and the advice of big sisters, young aunties or friend’s big sisters is a good place to start.

  2. You cannot learn to shape shift, although there are people who can do it. Once at a football game, I saw a man shape shift into a bear! No joke! ……… my dad said it was just a man wearing a mascot outfit…….. but c’mon…… whos gona believe that?

  3. Aww, sweety pie, I am sorry but seriously no you cannot do this.
    You have not heard that people can do this from a reliable source. You have heard it through fictional material only – I believe Professor McGonagall is “bloody brilliant” at it.

  4. two words, Plastic surgery, though you won’t be able to shape shift back for free, and the first transformation will be really expensive as well.

  5. no true shapeshifting is impossibe.what ppl think of as shapeshifting is eitherprojecting a mind into another beings,animal or otherwise or creating etheric constructs around the body.there is a very good definition in John Michael Greer’s book “monsters” sounds corny I know,but very informative

  6. I do not believe this is possible … but here is some mythology for you:
    You might also google Skin Walker Indian Legend along with the
    term Wendigo if you wanna do some research on the subjects.
    There was even an indian man put to death who claimed to have killed 2
    people during the turn of the century for being shape shifting Wendigos.

  7. I am not a skeptic but i really dont think that is possible, people talk a lot about ghosts because they exist but i never heard anyone saying something about shape shifting.

  8. I can grow bone on my bone where I like I can accelerate my healing so that I heal faster than if I used an antibiotic. I can control my testosterone so I grow more muscle than usual and it is safe because it is my own hormone and not a drug.
    I can stop histamine. I can stop allergies. I can control my digestive tract and heart and blood pressure. I am manipulating my face bone structure it is slow but I already see a difference. I could make my self look like a slightly different person. I am moving my vertebrae in my spine to make it stronger. I can use chi to do all of this, which is simply an awareness of something else. Whatever it may be I think it is blood and organs being interpreted by your auto nervous system. But the soul does interface with the body through these nerve clusters and the brain. Did you know they found brain cells in the heart and other parts of the body?
    Most of the feats I did I found out myself through a trial and error process. Some of what I do either is going to or already is NOW confirmed by science but I have been doing these examples for only a year. I am in the primitive stages.
    I expect to be able to heal most minor and moderate cuts with in 6hrs or less conservatively after I develop this more. I am now healing a cut that is well over half healed in under 24hrs. I am expecting it to be gone in a day. Where as if I am to leave it alone would take a week. Or as a control (I have done this) use only my power to make it stay a cut longer for up to 2 weeks. So yes I have confirmed it my self. It is a complicated science that “science” is too wimpy to take on. It will after I perfect my ability (amongst many others) be null to society. We will come to an understanding where as science is nothing more than a tool no more special than a jackhammer.

  9. There are several real ways to shapeshift
    1) makeup, hair, clothes
    2) weightloss, exercise, personal development.
    3) facebook (you can be anybody or anything there)
    Why not try being yourself for awhile?

  10. “I could shape shift into a very beautiful woman”
    Go to the gym for 2 hours a day, eat good, and get a good haircut and makeup job. Viola, you shapeshifted into a very beautiful woman.


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