Is it possible in reality for a real necromancer to be so powerful so that he/she could raise human corpse?

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I know someone who masters The Key Of Solomon and can summon spirits, but what about actual Human Corpese?

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Necromancer? That sounds disgusting


No and if they insist that they can you should not walk away but you should run away as fast as you can for they are insane and they just might hurt you to prove what can not be proven…..


no because a human corpse is sealed in a casket which is locked and then put in a sealed vault. it is not possible to get out of the vault with out heavy machinery so your answer is no.


I thought that was the ultimate skill goal for a Necromancer. WHY would you want to reanimate a corpse? watch the movie Pet Sematary first of read the Book by Stephen King. It may change your mind.


Necromancers work with the spirits of the dead, and through the powers and beings of death. None truly even wish to reanimate the dead because it would require so much energy (more than any human could muster) that it would be impractical and self defeating.


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