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Is it possible I’m watching my own energy reflection or light off my eyes?

What I mean is that maybe I can see my own spirit light shooting out from my eye cavities…This is some weird thing I’ve always experienced when I have a cold and a cough combined. What do you think? It only happens to me when the light are off and the room is ordinarily dark.


  1. Those are floaters. You should see an eye doctor. They aren’t usually serious, but they can be an indication of other conditions, such as migraine.

  2. I think you’re seeing floaters when you cough; your intra-ocular pressure may be a little high since you’re ill. No biggie 🙂

  3. It’s funny that you ask question because I often wondered about the spiritual world. one thing that has fascinated me was this “Holy Light”.
    Several months back my husband and I found a teen digging in the trash at a fast food store while we were in the drive through line.We bought a meal and sat down to talk to him for a while. He didn’t have raggedy clothes, he didn’t look homeless but something was wrong.
    He had been kicked out of his home. That night we said the salvation prayer with him and he accepted Christ into his life. My middle son was staring so hard straight into the sky while we sat talking to the boy. Afterwords he said to me, ” There is a bright light over all of you, coming from the sky” My son is an honor student, we’ve never experienced anything wacky about him. Yet after that night, he began to draw pictures of our family with yellow coloring or (Holy Light) around them.
    What a blessing to be able to see the spiritual realm like that. I’ve heard of others who have been able to see that. Yet, sadly he no longer talks of a bright light around.
    But, from reading your explanation this light you mention sounds like it’s coming from pressure on your sockets by combining coughing and sneezing.
    I say if your interests are in seeing spiritual light..Pray about it. The Holy Spirit will confirm it for you.


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