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Is it possible I have twin telepathy?

Whenever my identical twin is telling me something he starts out like,”Hey, Har…..” Then I just say this is an example ,”I know you got an A+ on your math test.” I And he would never mention anything to me. Like last night he wanted to know if we had twin telepathy so he said, “Guess what I’m thinking.” So i said Ramen Noodles and then he says,”Oh my goodness That’s seriously what I was thinking” I want honest answers


  1. Absolutly. There are documented cases.
    Twins have a very special bond that has not been found in any other relationship.

  2. We call this ‘coincidence’, because since he’s your identical twin, he probably has a lot of the same characteristics. Let him guess a two-digit number (other than the so-called lucky number 13) in his head, see if you can guess it.

  3. I think it is possible between people with a strong emotional bond. I once left a party I was enjoying to go to my Mother’s because I just knew she needed me, and she did – I arrived at the same time as the ambulance. Weird but true.

  4. It is possible. As dandy momma said there are cases that have been documented. Researchers are doing studies on this all the time. They are using not only twins (identical and other types) but triplets and higher. Also folks that have a strong relationships.


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