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is it possible for the subconscious mind to gradually become dominating enough to be the conscious mind?

The day to day mind that is part of us is parelled with a subconscious one that still is a part of us. Could that “mind” become strong enough to become the dominating one and thus would you change. Obvisouly you are still you, but with the switching of dominating minds are you changed or…or what are you now?


  1. Definitely. Based on the stimuli, people can block out on a conscious level different things.
    But the sub-conscious mind can cause a person to make decisions that people would not understand, possibly even the person themself.
    Although personally, I think the sub-conscious influence would be most noticed when it limits a person or helps to set controls. Usually this would be to prevent the re-occurence of prior events that were disconcerting on an emotional level.
    It would then help the individual to maintain a safer environment by preventing further negative stimulation of the psyche.
    One that has success would show itself in a person that is assured and handles failures with aplomb. After all, the sub-conscious might view a set back as a temporary situation in a person that has been successful, while in others, it could iniate the attitude of “here we go again”. Then it could be suggested that the sub-conscious would group situations based on emotional stimuli rather than consider them differently as the conscious mind would do.

  2. Psychoanalytic theory says yes, probably a form of psychosis – the super ego would subsume the ego – thus uninhibiting you from your deepest desires (that are presumably repressed) – one can speculate that you would have quite a few problems with being considered the same person by others (although arguably as far as your psyche is concerned you would be the same person ) although recognisabl eto others as your temperment and pyschological make up would be vastly different.
    What are you now? messed up. According to Freud the unconcious is necessary for you to function (as the controller of what your currently concious of) imagine having access to all your memories experiences desires at once —you would be loopy. Long live the subconcious and all that resides there (for good or bad)

  3. No, that is not possible. The reason is that the sub-conscious mind is not a reasoning mind, but a literal mind. It has no concept of right or wrong, truth or lie, real or false, humor, inuendo, slang, reason, logic, or judgement. It uses the conscious mind for that. The sub-conscious mind controls the body and all things that are automatic. It’s main focus is your safety and survivial. It reacts by changing the body to cope with to what it believes reality is.
    There are really three minds that we refer to as our “mind”. The conscious, the sub-conscious, and the super-conscious. (That would be Ego, Id, and SuperEgo to you Freudians). They work together to support our needs.
    The conscious mind – is our interface with the world. It controls logic, reason, rational, truth detection, and will power lives here.
    The sub-conscious mind – controls the body. Its function is our safety and survival. Controls all automatic functions. Habits live here.
    The super-conscious mind – is our virtues and values filter. It maintains the list of what we will do and what we won’t do. The conscience lives there.

  4. it is already the dominating power. The subconscious controlls everything. all you do is controll your actions. which it to controlls most of the time. for example when you get hungry when you just ate. or if you are attracted to someone or if you think that there are insects on you when there isn’t.


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