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Is it possible for "spiritual" opportunities to be missed, or…?

do they keep coming again in different forms or guises until, at last, they are recognized as the opportunities they are? Opportunities for healing, wholing, forgiving, choosing differently, etc….
i have noticed that over the years i missed many opportunities that were presented to me because i was not paying attention or i did not recognize them for what they were because of my ignorance. The Inner Guide/Holy Spirit/ Voice for God continues to give me another chance, in fact infinite chances to “correct” my misperceptions and to offer forgiveness…both to myself as i am being gently awakened to who and what i am, and to others whom i have faulted in one way or another through my own projections of error.
Have you begun to realize that every moment is another chance to choose differently, to return to wholeness and to release those you’ve judged and feared from your hold on them? Please share your experiences.


  1. i think this happens to all of us that why we need to be obeident, stay in gods word, watch and always pray, and if we do pass something by pray and ask god to forgive u and give u another chance

  2. Daniel 8:13-14 was my opportunity and I did not miss it.
    13 Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?
    14 And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.
    Two thousand and three hundred is actually written 200300.
    You have been given an opportunity will you take it this time?

  3. My Teacher was fond of telling me that every time I was tempted to fall back into old conditioning or programs, every time I was tempted to react in my sleep rather than be present & respond was just another opportunity to choose again. If I missed an opportunity to see clearly I had 1001 other opportunities to choose again. Yet, I did at times have to wait on circumstances. But is any action wasted? When I realized I had not chosen in my own true interest, I had an immediate opportunity to “go hunting” & learn from my error thru clearly seeing what happened. They say hindsight has 20/20 vision. Many times, my friend, I learned far more from my mistakes & errors than I ever did from my successes. Every time I fell, I eventually rose higher than the place I had started from. There are many “opportunities” to see clearly as long as guilt & self depreciation is not your constant companions.

  4. Many years ago, I was driving down the my street towards home. I glanced over and saw three young women at a phone booth. I noticed that their car had out of state plates. I felt compelled to turn around and go back to see if they needed directions or anything.
    These three beautiful, young girls…all about 17-19 yrs old, were visiting our city from canada. They had driven down to see the Pope, who was planning to be at a national Catholic youth conference. They had been phoning one of the girl’s mother to see if she knew someone in our city who could help them with a place to crash for a few days. I was just minutes away from the stadium where the event was. I also had a spare, empty bedroom with three beds. So, I offered to give them lodgings.
    What a blessing the entire experience was for everyone! They were such wonderful girls, on fire for Christ! They were grateful for my help and I was blessed by doing so!
    Some would say that this was risky, because you never know about folks. But, I have found that in every instance where I was Spirit led to reach out to a stranger, I was blessed in return. Sometimes, we have to follow HIS lead in our lives. I have never regreted doing so and I hope to continue to be a blessing to others each and every day.
    I hope you will listen to His voice and follow His lead as well. Shalom,

  5. From what I can tell, we really do get lots of changes to change our minds about things and to form new viewpoints and beliefs about our lives. If we do screw up, it’s really helpful to forgive ourselves, forgive other people and, hopefully, we will do better in the future. Best wishes!

  6. There are no mistakes, only lessons.
    Guilt and sinfulness, diseases of the ego, hold thoughts of being too late. But Spirit knows no time. Experiences are always interpreted. it depends on whether the teacher/learner or the sinner does the interpreting of the meaning.
    Idy4’s message demonstrates that opportunities abound with love and retract with fear.

  7. I think the answer is both yes and no, for although time is cyclical and similar *energies* or opportunities do recur continually, in specific cases great spiritual opportunities can be missed..I believe my own story demonstrates this..
    For many years I worked as a loner, comfortable with my life, happy and aware of Spirit, teaching and healing, which I feel I have returned to Earth to do at this time of immense change..
    Then, in 1991, when visiting a patient in hospital, I looked across at one of the other two ladies in the room and heard myself say, *Ive been waiting for you for a very long time*!..She was shocked and so was I!..It was said THROUGH me not from me!..I simply KNEW this person, and it turned out to be a Soulmate with whom I have shared many lifetimes..She was a trance medium, something she didnt realize until weeks later when I was visiting her home, and at 2am one morning, she awoke in her own room to hear a *voice* say to her, *Please write what we tell you*..She responded, *I cant write* (for she had a kind of Parkinson type condition which caused her hand to shake violently at times, AND she was ultra stubborn!)..Apparently, the tooing and froing continued for some time *Write*, *Cant write* etc etc etc..Then she *fell asleep*, and when she awoke there was a sheet of paper in front of her on which she had written some beautiful text, the first lines of which were:
    which was fascinating because she had zero self esteem and LOATHED HERSELF, which had already caused and continued increasingly to cause pain and illness in her body as time went by, even though her ability to channel (via writing and trance) from the highest levels became clear..The messages came through nightly confirming that we had planned to meet before coming to Earth, and when we did so we would stay together and, both of us using our own particular spiritual *gifts*, do the work we had come to do in preparation for the *changes* to come (2012 etc)
    Well, initially, we got on famously, travelled together, had fun and each night were meeting new and known spiritual contacts..I asked one if we could meet with the Starpeople, and 10 days later, three non human Pleiadians teleported physically into our room and communicated with us by writing through my ex!..
    As time went by however she became more and more fearful and less and less loving, consequently creating more and more physical pain and illness in her body..Although we married, described from spirit as *a marriage made in Heaven*, it turned out to be hell on Earth as she went rapidly downhill, eventually losing her *gifts* and dumping me just a few months after we married..Then, over the next several years at regular intervals, I would get a phonecall, often via someone else saying she needed help from me, so I went, time and time again, seeing her still going downhill which was heartbreaking..
    Eventually, I finally had to step back completely or else disappear down into the same hole she was digging for herself, and I KNEW I had MUCH more work still to do for Spirit..That triggered a heart attack within me and shattered my world..
    So I see that *story* very much as a planned spiritual opportunity which was *missed* due to someone*s freewill, in spite of our having spent many previous lifetimes together..It took me several years to get over it, which I feel now I probably have, but there are still some physical symptoms within me that werent there before we met..
    I learned a lot about us all having freewill from that *adventure* and would now be very wary of sharing my space with someone else, sadly..

  8. Every instant of every day is a new opportunity for growth. If we believe that everything happens for a reason, then it has to be straight across the board – no exceptions. So if we “missed” an opportunity, clearly we were not ready for that experience.
    Also, many times I’ve contemplated the issue of regret. But, if I like who I am today (and I think I’m a pretty decent person) I can’t regret my past because if I had done things differently, I may be a different person today (perhaps not so decent).
    Each experience shapes our reality and therefore has value…
    A great poet once wrote:
    “There’s no such thing as a wasted tear
    and no such thing as a wasted year
    each experience has it’s worth
    no matter how it may appear.”
    PS: I like Silver’s answer, although I wouldn’t call it “mercy” I’d call it “persistence” lol!!! The God force loves us and wants us to learn – so chances will just keep coming as long as our hearts are open. 😀

  9. It is true. I do not know how many ideal opportunities, we could have missed. We ourselves cannot recount. Whenever God knocks at our door (mind), he may do so in the name and form of different identities. When we fail to miss the chance of recognizing, such things happen.
    I think you have reached your proper destination of understanding. It is your politeness. Even though we are aware about the reality, yet to retain that full awareness permanently is becoming difficult because of the onslaughts, stresses and strains, pulls and pressures of life.

  10. We have missed opportunities many, many times over eons.
    That’s precisely why we are back in class.
    What we intellectually know as time is speeding up.
    The particular universe we are in, is expanding at a greatly accelerated rate.
    We Must take full advantage of the many opportunities, while we are still in class.
    We Must not waste even a second, while in class.
    Missed opportunities should be avoided.
    * – Should we not get a firm grasp on our “True Obligation, and Duty”?
    “Peace be always with you.”

  11. “Spiritual Opportunities” is inherent in our existence as, the whole creation including the human being(human animal too!) is programmed to reach the spiritual summit/Source. Yet, freedom and choice, especially in humans, is also ingrained in programing. And in that freedom and choice if we don not make choice to reach the Source, well, then, it can be called ‘missed opportunity’ but it is not lost for ever as I mentioned we are already ‘programmed’ for it! Only, we may retard or delay the process. Eventually, sooner or later, missed or neglected, we will reach. Accepting and going along with it, accessing it now and here, there is all the joy, peace and prosperity now and here itself, who would not like it, if only we are aware and be!
    That glow that beckons I did not miss and it is taking me along and I am in great abandon, carefree, joyous because of it. Come on, let us all join in the glory!!

  12. I am a Christian and I believe that God is a God of many chances, and He never gives up on us. He has given us free will and allows us unlimited opportunities for us to heal, to forgive, to help and be kind to one another, etc. However, it is up to us to act on these opportunities.
    The difference between an opportunity in the natural or the supernatural, is time. In the natural we must take our opportunities as they come since they are time sensitive, such as deciding to get married and start a family, accepting a new job which is in a different state, buying a new home, etc. We only have so much time to act on these opportunities in the natural before they pass us by. But, in the supernatural the opportunities, such as healing, forgiveness, helping and being kind to one another, etc. are infinite and available to us at all times for as long as we live on earth.
    However, God may choose to intervene in our lives and He may have something else in mind for us to help us grow spiritually. The situation may not be something that we had anticipated or something we would not have chosen for ourselves, such as the loss of a loved one, an illness, or taking matters into our own hands to resolve a situation without asking for God’s guidance. God does test our faith. If we are faithful to God and we turn to Him to bring us through difficult times, He reveals more of Himself to us so that we can grow and mature spiritually.
    So, keep listening to that “still small voice,” which is God offering us His supernatural opportunities in our lives.

  13. It depends on the degree and quality of the opportunities. It is true that at every turn is a opportunity. But this is true by virtue of what are called Laws. There are laws which make it so that at every turn there are opportunities for our self-perfecting. But do man see them, is the answer, do man utilize them or does man continually walk down the same road without seeing what is in front of them. The opportunities given are for one to overcome themselves — and this is ever a reality. But man do not see these as opportunities, in stead man runs away from them, beg God to take away what God’s Laws have given unto them as a necessary struggle TO BE — a necessary struggle which can grow their mind and being.
    Man is fixed in such a way, that he only wants pleasant things to occur. His idea of opportunities is whatever is pleasing him in the moment, in whatever confirms his opinions about himself or validates his ideas. Most opportunities come in the form of what people would call suffering, negative experiences. Which of course are only negative because it does not coincide with their opinions about the reality of themselves or others that they project and identify with. When they should use it as a opportunity to work on parts of themselves that are not manifest truly, but in such circumstances. And to be as conscious and impartial. How many people may have come about opportunities to move forward to greater Truths, but thought they possessed the whole world of knowledge and knew everything already when they ought to realize the complete nothingness of their “knowledge” and know that they do not know as they ought to, to be honest and sincere with all their divided-manifestations which do speak quite well of their state of being, which always need a greater development. Because unless one knows all they do not know.
    Opportunities for healing come in the form of making a turn from the disease or dis-ease of unconsciousness that was prevalent in their experience through divided aspects of their Being and Mind, that they were out of touch with and slave to. Opportunities in wholeness comes from in the face of great force maintain oneself and living holistically to ones capacity in the face of such, opportunities of forgiving is through seeing that in yourself you house the same natures as others and through having this compassion invokes within you you can then begin to consider others and forgive them by seeing them as they are and not as you project them to be — for you hold contempt of those natures/aspects in you and condemn them thoroughly by condemning others if you have not yet to bring that same healing about in yourself. And this forgiveness is part of that healing process, for it is much greater to help a person to overcome what plagues them then to curse them and not empathize with their burdens that they have, which is not by their own volition, but often what is their Make — as they are machines in life.
    To forgive another is truly also to forgive oneself, as you possess similar natures, even if his maybe more active then yours — through one another you can bring an end to a karmic defect by bringing it to terms and rectification. This is by God’s Laws.
    People could learn a lot from Job. Job turned the other cheek. Yeshua/Jesus said turn the other cheek. To offer up the other — who out there offers up the other in such situations to take full advantage of what God and his Angels/Laws have brought us, that always, in every turn, bring about those conditions that we can move forward and remember ourselves?

  14. When rain falls on a hillside it starts a process which will eventually bring each drop back to the sea. The routes they take may be relatively easy or difficult, but eventually evey one will return to the bright, shining ocean.
    When Spirit embodies it starts a process which will eventually return each being to the Source. There is no other possible destination – eventually – but the bright, shining Origin of All.

  15. The opportunities exist all the time but we do not realise them. I believe the right time happens to be there and then everything falls into place. otherwise we still keep going round and round in circles.

  16. Yes. Spiritual life means you choose whether you want to engage in it or not. Spiritual life means you transform your desires from material to spiritual. Your consciousness from material to spiritual. It is up to you whether or not you are willing to do such things and how much you are willing to do them.
    Once we have truly started on the spiritual path, whatever is done in that practice is to our eternal benefit and is never lost. If one does not become fully self-realized in this life, then one will be given opportunity in the next life to further advance on the spiritual path, but at all times, there is choice, otherwise it is not liberation, there will be no love, we will not want to be in the situation if we are forced in any way. We have to come to the point out of our own tiny independent free will, that we want to be fully spiritually self-realized, we have to want to give up the ways of the material world, we have to want to abandon lust anger and greed. We have to want to give up the consciousness of ‘I and mine’. That is not a thing that can be forced. But of course we are very much in need of divine direction and intervention when we decide that we really and truly want to go that way.
    As is said: ‘When you take one step toward the Lord, He takes one hundred toward you.’ Without the Lord’s mercy there is no way out of this material world, it is so entangling. But we must show that we truly wish to get out of the material consciousness and re-establish our lost loving relationship with our eternal Lord and Lover.
    First desire, then deserve!
    I leave it there.
    Thank you.
    Take care and best wishes always

  17. Man,
    I love it when i see someone goes thru this, its like they found their real selfs
    I like your honesty and politeness,
    My salututions to everyone here,
    Dont appologise man, I have errored a million times, and I will continue to error, That thing is not a final destination you know.
    Its a flow, you will see nature talking to your about your ownself,
    and when you got it, you can talk to you in the other person without effort. But of course its gonna shape you so that you respect it.
    Release and Embrace but please do understand, If you like the Him/It/Light then you must learn how to protect it too. What you understand in this juncture of your life is not understood by everyone. So learn to protect too. Dont force the journey anymore,let it open up in front of you,wait till you get the flow but allways understand that flow is not you, if you think its you then its another creation of the ego from you
    Even this is not mine

  18. As do experiences
    so do perceptions
    of those experiences
    how i wish
    i could be, experience and perceive
    as others are, do and comprehend
    but then….
    and it is no small a but..
    this is the
    way of the world
    and the life on it.
    Mystic Garuda Om
    i have yet to understand myself


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