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is it possible for best friends to have telepathy?

Me and my best friend always think alike. For example it would be silent and we would just come out singing the same verse of the same song that we haven’t heard that day. Is that weird or not?


  1. It is a very common phenomenon with people that spend a lot of time together. I highly doubt it is telepathy, for I don’t believe that exists. But what you are experiencing is nothing out of the ordinary.

  2. I believe its some form of telepathy because something like that would happen to me and my boyfriend. At night when we would talk I would think of a color and focus on it real hard (nothing to complicated) and about 8/10 times he gets it right. But it only works if I just focus on one color and not change my mind.
    All it really is, is a strong bond between two people and its definitely not unheard off.

    • Me and my Best Friend are having a similar thing. One night we we’re texting and acting silly (we were tired) and I send a drawing if pizza and then I try to send a donut but she has already sent it. From pizza to donut is pretty random to do at the same exact time. So we start to draw random stuff and send at the same time and every single time we get related stuff. Example: we got a frog and a horse. Both animals. And then we both said both animals, and then we both said that we said both animals at the same time. Then she called me to sort all this out and we couldn’t stop saying the same thing at the same time. Can anyone relate to this????

  3. unusual things like that happen with me and my mom or me and my bff. we spend alot of time together..
    this is common between two people that spend a lot of time together, im not exactly sure why, but i know it can happen. just like it is extremely common that twins think the same thoughts..

  4. Every person has telepathy. It is often labeled as a paranormal experience, but it is not. For example, if two people have been arguing in a room and you walk in you can feel the tension or the negative energy in the room. That is telepathy. Or if you have ever met a person and right off the bat do not like them or you get a bad feeling about them, that is telepathy. The ability to feel the energy of a person or situation. It is even stronger between family members or best friends. When you know what the person is thinking without them saying it, or can sense if they’re sad or angry etc. So yes it is possible, it is a true phenomenon that happens all of the time. Good luck to you.

  5. Freaky, initially, but it’s a normal basic empathic link. Nothing magical. Comes from being socially quite close with someone.
    A friend and I were quite similar, but I’ve moved away, we’ve fallen out several times, and not there anymore. No more weird sychronicity. In fact, I don’t even really feel comfortable around her anymore, I can never say anything that seems right.
    So, no, not telepathy.
    (Although, maybe that snap judgement’s a hint hypocritical, as I moved into the magicks when we fell out the first time (telepathy was her explanation then anyway). But I’m pretty sure most magical theory is based on science/psych. So whatever.)

  6. I think it happens to those who have a strong enough connection to one another…my best friend and I share thoughts and emotions and even dreams, where she will be upset and I’ll know and feel bad too, and sometimes our dreams interlock in such a way that what she says happened to her coincides with what I dreamed about. It could be telepathy, that is a reasonable explanation. Spending time with someone could be it too, but i think it has a lot more to do with like, psychic bonds.

  7. the very reason i looked this up was because of this subject and yes i believe very much that it is telepathy …… or more. many things are unexplained go with your gut for your instict is specail …. trust in it. its what i did.

  8. i have a best friend and if i just think she will know what i am thinking.one time i thought that i should close the door and out nowhere she saya ok and closes i truely do belive that you can telapathicly talk to people

  9. I think me and my two friend have telepathy . Like when I ask them what i’m thinking .They always get it right. As soon as we think the same thing we all get a signal. Like lightning or thunder happens or a random sound comes from nowhere.It’s so creepy.

    • The same thing happens with me and my friend! It was a sunny day and all of a sudden we both said “Im in the mood for pancakes” at the EXACT SAME TIME and then lightning struck the tree right next to us and a magical portal opened up. It was next-level, glad to be able to relate to someone!

  10. I have had a best friend for 3 years and can safely say that he has consistently read my mind over these years. When he was away and could only write letters, I would write a random question asking about something he liked or experienced, his answer would cross in the mail. He had written it before I sent my letter with no prior communication about that question. He always mentions something that I am thinking about.I have thought about this and can not say he “knows” me because my thoughts, fantasies, cravings, and questions are so random. He always seems to know. He even knows when there is something different in my energy. Our lives are unusually parallel and many people can not say they’ve been through the same things that he has or I have in those parallels. But to say we know each other because we are close, I can’t say that. We started doing this right when we started communicating. Can someone tell me if they’ve had a strange connection like this?

    • This week I met someone new and we became friends and everytime someone asks us something we say the same answer with exact wording. When someone tells a joke we do the exact same laugh. And when we look at each other we say the same thing. She would sing a song and i would go meet her with the same song stuck in my head. We had some of our other friends ask us to say multi choice questions and we would have the same answers so i have been looking to find an explanation for all of this. We have only known each other for 4 days and idk what’s happening

  11. Me and my best friend always think alike. Ive known her for over 6 years. When we give eachother that “look” we know exactly what we’re thinking about and we always want the same food at the same time. Like wed both have a sudden craving for chinese. We predict exactly how a situation with someone else is gunna go and it always end up that way. Its freaky but i love it!

  12. Me and my friend Jack are telepathic. He always knows what I’m thinking and I can find out where he is when we’re together. We have a very strong bond. He can also sense when I’m sad, happy, annoyed etc..

  13. My best friend and I have been friends for just over a year now. Suddenly we’ve been finishing each other’s sentences and we’d randomly just be watching TV and a commercial, for instance, would come up and without a word we’d look a each other start laughing hysterically. There’s also a whole lot of other stuff that has happened but is it weird that we’re pretty much telepathic? PS my bestie is a year older than me so it’s freaky.

  14. Hi. I met this person recently. never known her before. Never even seen or heard of her before. to some of the people who say it’s something that people get when they socialize with that person much, how come i can tell what she’s gonna tell? like we’d put messeges at the same time with the same meaning. it happens atleast 4 times a day. IDK how or why but we ended up being best friends

  15. My friend June and I are very similar. We are both French and American,we both love Les Twins, and we are both dancers . Whenever we call each other most likely we are doing the same thing. Lately we have been feeling like we can feel each other. One day my stomach was hurting so I decided to check up on June at school and it turned out she had thrown up. Not even a few hours later I was sad but I tried to hide it and June came up to me and gave me the longest hug ever. We know exactly what the other is thinking or feeling even when we are not together. I can feel her physical pain,mental pain, and more. Especially when we are dancing

  16. Me and my best freind always think so alike it’s crazy, we always wear the same shoes, always have the same thoughts, can both talk to spirits, both laugh at the same things, and I can always find her where ever she is, is this normal?


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