Is it possible for a wiccan or a pagan to affect or control another person's thoughts or feelings?

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Let’s say that a person is wiccan or pagan, can they create something like a love potion to get them to fall in love with them?
Or, if someone upsets or angers them, can they cast a spell or use a potion or charm to affect the other person or to hurt or harm the other person.
What about dreams? Can they affect a person in that way?
I’m asking because I’ve heard that this is true. So, I’d appreciate honest answers. Thanks!

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No the only one that can control your thoughts is you. And if you let someone hold that kind of control over you it’s your fault.

Luna Manifestum

I’m afraid we are not like that at all. We don’t make love potions, we don’t do any of that kooky stuff. Our rituals and spells are our equivalent of Christian prayers.
And anyway, most Wiccans follow both the Rede and the Rule of Three, so we don’t seek to harm anyone, because it’ll come back at us tree times as worse.


Yes, depending on what you believe this could happen. The pagans I know would do this through a spell and would be considered a curse if the dreams were negative. However, none I know would do that as they fear retribution would make a payback three times worse.


Anybody can affect anothers thoughts, emotions and dreams. It is a fundamental effect – and the entire purpose – of communication. Spells would be an ineffective way of doing it.


No, if that was the case don’t you think every child molester and rapist in this country would try to get their hands on this ‘potion’?


No people can not control other people’s minds. They’re pretending and trying to scare you.
If they really have powers and want to help people then why don’t they? There’s plenty of sickness in the world and storms that arises daily which take people’s lives. Why don’t they help. Well, we know the answer is because they can’t.
They are simple satan’s puppets.


It’s possible for ANYONE to control the thoughts and feelings of others regardless of beliefs.


Can they possibly do it? Yes…except for that dream bit. No.
However, most of us follow the Law of 3 or some sort of variant. Basically what we put out we get in return. So say I do a love spell on someone. That person doesn’t truly love me. Then perhaps they become obsessive. I at some point realize that this person isn’t “the one”…now I can get rid of him/her because of my poor choices.
Outside of a couple of binding spells (which was to keep another person from harming others) I don’t do spells on others. It bends someone else’s will. It is pretty much a form of rape if you think about it. I wouldn’t want to be treated that way so I wouldn’t do it to someone else. Unfortunatley there are unscrupulous people out there who claim to be Wiccan (and anyone can make that claim although its deceitful) and do such things. But they are far and few between. If someone has threatened you with a spell or potion…take it with a grain of salt. Not all spells work, the Universe sometimes decides for us what we can and cannot do. On top of that if they are threatening you they just want to scare you into thinking they have power over you. You can only give away your power….if you don’t beleive they can put a spell on you, they can’t.

Been There Brilliantly Done That!

Yes, however people affect other peoples thoughts and feelings everyday and without the need for these spells you speak of and yes, the feelings can manifest themselves in dreams as well.
When a person in the “right mind” uses spells, meaning one who is not angry or vindictive at the time, it is for themselves towards themselves, not another. They would for example enable themselves to be more confident and perceptive rather than make another do something like notice or love them because if done correctly, all that follows into place,..naturally.

Karl S, JPA

It is possible to affect some person’s dreams, but you need a primal emotional connection to that person, nearly obsessive, for doing so. Probably that connection will be simple (an emotion, a simple thought, making someone remember you.)
As for affecting other people’s feelings, standard seduction methods work better. I’m not a spell fan. You can theoretically bend another person’s will, but I don’t think that would work.
Love potions? You mean waiting until she’s somewhat drunk to make your move? 😛
Love potions don’t work.


Even if they could, their rules say that they aren’t allowed to do that sort of thing because the intent is either selfish or bad and the effects will come back to them.
They can only affect others in the same sense the rest of us can- by having particular personality traits.

Nightwind: Adipose says Hi!

I not step on anyone’s personal gnosis, I’ll just say that Wiccans and other pagans do not have any more or less of a chance of doing such than anyone else: Christians, atheists, Pastafarians, etc.
My religion is not about spells and potions.

Daughter of the

well Ive read these answers, as Im on the receiving end of several of these quessies, Im 61 and why would anyone in their right mind want to fall in love with me, Im a HAG but yes Ive had stuff like that, experienced it, Im not a witch nor a wiccan, I dont beleive in any rules or law OF 3, as I dont go by any rules FROM BOOKS OF SHADOWS either..
If yu want to do something, why do it in a spell, or in a dream, I always think that person is a coward, not to do it outright.
If yu love a person, why not say it , doing a spell wont help. demonstrative actions will..SEND THEM A BUNCH OF FLOWERS OR A VALENTINE.CARD
If yu want to get back at an enemy through a dream, it is possible to, as I stated in my first quessie, however, its been a long downhill struggle researching into witchcraft, which is 14yrs ago, its not all love and light yu know, I can vouch for that one!There is white and black witchcraft, and the majority is black.
Emotional blackmail, is wot bending anothers will is, black magicians and choas magicians practice it a lot, in the wiccan lawbook, there is no mention, of …. if another offends ye pay them back 3 times 3 times 3… however in the bible, it says, love your enemies, do good to those who hate yu….so wot is the right way?
I say inbetween…. if yu want a love spell, make your own up, but a hate spell,as in payback time,will get it coming back to yu,10000 foldmnot 3 times 3,wiccan rede says, is just a made up rhyme, it only works with others who are wiccan or in a coven..))00((


No. To be Wiccan or Pagan, you don’t have to be a witch and the things you state are related to witchcraft. Although quite a few wiccans do use witchcraft, it’s usually to help others as we are against harming others


I believe anyone can mess with your head if they want to, and if you give them the power to do so… but ultimately, I believe we also are born with innate defenses against this if we choose to use them.
Wiccans would be against doing this, however, as it would be seen as a violation of the Wiccan Rede… we’re not supposed to manipulate people, harm people in any way, or interfere with their free will.


I don’t believe so. Even if you good its not good magic and the energy you put that out to control somone it will come back to you 3 times as bad. So I suggest you don’t even waste your time.


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