Is it possible for a Tai-Chi martial artist to best a Boxer?

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Please provide your side of the argument with back up versus one statement opinions, thank you! I’m really curious as to how a tai chi user could defeat a boxer in combat.

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It’s possible that a freak storm could occur right outside your house this morning and you could be struck by a lightning bolt and die. It’s equally possible that the safety system on a nuclear warhead could go haywire and eradicate an entire city/town, or that there might be a dead worm in your lunch tommorow.
Look, lots of things are possible, but you specified NOTHING in your question. Not what style of Taiji, where the fight is taking place, nothing. This is what’s wrong with all of you people who ask these “What if?” scenarios. You don’t take anything into account.
What if the boxer was an 82 year old former heavyweight champ and the Taiji person is a 6’11 tall 22 year old weightlifter?
What if the Taiji person is a middle aged mother who does no other excercise and the boxer is Evander Holyfield?
Do you see what I mean? You specified nothing in your question and instead went the exact opposite route and made the question as vague as possible.
You say, “could the Taiji person beat a boxer in combat?” What the hell does that mean, in combat? Do you mean in the streets in a ring, where? What kind of “combat”? Because if it’s out in the street, well the Taiji person might have a gun and the boxer might not.
Are we to just assume you mean some sort of Tekken or Street Fighter style tournament?
If so, then yes, a Taiji person could POSSIBLY beat a boxer, but on the whole it’s not likely.


The simple answer to this is that it depends on the boxer and the tai-chi artist you’re talking about.
I would say that if you match two people with equal skill and conditioning in Tai-Chi Chuan and boxing respectively fought, the Tai Chi practitioner would have an advantage, because boxing involves a very simple set of strikes. The boxer would have no training regarding the defense of kicks, throws, grabs and submissions, while the Tai Chi expert would have experience defending striking.
EDIT: I agree with the post below – a Tai-Chi artist would almost certainly lose to a boxer in a boxing match. Boxers are very skilled in the actions required for boxing, so naturally someone whose training is in another area would certainly struggle against them.


I think so. The techniques of taijiquan are focused on (more or less) dirty boxing and standing grappling — elbows, knees, punches, palm slaps, and, most of all, nasty throws pulled from shuai jiao. There are very few kicking techniques in the system, most of which are low kicks (knee level and lower) used as entrances to reach the clinch, or as trips when closer.
The taijiquan fight strategy is to either preemptively close the distance to clinch range with a low-line kick, trip, step (footwork) or grab, or more often, to employ a “counter-punching” approach — i.e. wait for him to attack, then attack/enter via the opening he leaves. Once in the clinch, strikes, kuzushi and throws are used to pound and sledge the opponent.


I agree with Krypto with one exception. It would also depend on the rules. If there are no rule Tai-Chi. If they are fighting under the queensbury rules then I would favor the boxer. Simply because it would limit what the martial artist is or is not able to do in the fight. The boxer would be doing what is natural for the boxer.
If you put a boxer in a judo match the judoka will win.
If you put a judoka in a boxing match the boxer would win.
A boxer not being killed in judo would struggle to win in judo against someone that is skilled in judo(grappling, pins, chokes and submissions).
The Same hold true of that same boxer was to compete against the same judoka in a boxing match the judoka would struggle against a skilled boxer.

Sensei Scandal

This is on the same wave length of gannoway’s BS questions.
If you looked at the video provided by Hammy – did you see how little he had to move to throw the person? And did you see how far he threw the person?
You totally don’t get it. Taiji is not the slow, passive movement you see. That is only part of it.
Now – to the asker – what art do you study and for how long??? What is your back ground? Your training???
I bet I can guess!
Bluto – that video is great! I have mentioned it here 100 times – when questions are asked about “stances” – that is exactly what I mean! Stances have purposes other than to look a certain way. When I said it I got thumbs down. This video verifies my answers.
Thanks for posting.

Bluto Blutarsky59

if the tai chi fighter:
1- trained realistically- meaning against fully resiting opponents,
2- was training at a school that taught tai chi realistically from a martial prespective as opposed to an “old people in the park prespective”.
boxers generally train with intent in a realistic methodollogy unless a tai chi guy trained in a similar fasion, then no. if yes, then we’ll see whose better so its a possibllity.
problem is- there aren’t many tai chi schools and teachers that train in that manner. much of the realistic tai chi i have seen (and ive seen bits and peices) can add to a person’s throwing game.
so while tai chi is not judo- at least not what i’ve seen of it, in a match between two realistically trained people, you would likely have something reminiscent of a standing grappler with emphasis on push/pull type of throws vs. a pure striker.
again- what i have seen of tai chi used in a resistance situation, it has all been the type of technique that can improve one’s throwing game, if realistically trained tai chi has other areas of expertise then i’m not aware of them or seen them used in a realistic manner.
EDIT: here is a video of some tai chi stuff- first with a compliant demonstration- then the actual move bieng used in waht appears to be some kind of tournament. this is not the stuff im referring to above- ive seen and felt a person proficient in its use demonstrate a couple of things.
only the first few min of the video is of any real value- after that it seems to be typical pajama forms.

Rear Naked Joke

Bluto had an excellent answer. Here’s what all style vs style questions come down to:
1) Training
If you want to be able to swim, you have to get into the water. If you want to be able to fight, you have to do non-compliant training and sparring. Boxers definitely do both. No Tai Chi practitioner that I’ve met (yet) does non-compliant drilling and sparring. But I’m sure that there are some out there, even if they are few.
If the Tai Chi practitioner doesn’t train realistically, he an incredibly slim chance of winning. If their training is equally alive and efficient, then the deciding factor will be…
2) Techniques
It goes without saying that Boxers have better hands, but Tai Chi practitioners have a wider array of techniques at their disposal. Assuming that both parties were trained with equal efficacy, I’d probably assume though that the Tai Chi guy would have an advantage here. (Though, having never met a Tai Chi practitioner who spars, I can only speculate.)
But what’s still to be considered is…
3) Physical Attributes
If both parties are equal in terms of training and technique, size, strength, speed, chin, and power will play a large role in determining the victor.
Long story short, what matters most is how they have been trained. However, the vast majority of boxers train better for fighting than the vast majority of Tai Chi practitioners. But, with the right training and circumstances, it’s quite possible for a Tai Chi stylist to defeat a boxer. And of course, on any given day, anybody could win or lose a fight.


Yes and no. In a boxing ring, under boxing ring, a boxer will win. In the street the Taichi practitioner has a 50% chance of winning. Why do I say 50% because to be able to fight in Taichi, it will take years and most practitioner will quit before this…in boxing you can train in 6 months and beat up an average person.


Hi there
Is the boxer a boxer dog or a man who makes up boxes at a factory?
Can a man beat up or kill another man?
History says yes so theres your answer.
If you want to learn to scuba dive you dive into the pool with your mask and snorkel not your golf clubs!
Best wishes


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