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is it possible for a short guy to beat up a big guy?

How come in all the martial art movie the karate guy beat up all the big guys?.Is this just a movie or is it possible,if you know martial art?.I’m 5’7 and I wanna know if I train in martial art then can I beat up ppl 6ft and over?,.I also want to know if it’s possible to shoot fireball out of your hand?,when you learn everything you need to know about martial arts and you learn to to control your chi(energy).


  • No. If you are 5′ 140lbs, I don’t care how inexperienced he is, you won’t defeat a 6’6″ 260lbs guy unless he has some medical problems.

  • big guy = slow, simple minded, not trained at all, very cocky
    Small guy = Fast, able to manipulate the simple minded, well trained and has no ego.

    This is how it is in the movies and SOME of the time in real life.

  • Yes it is possible that a smaller guy wins over the bigger ones. But bare in mind that Karate is an art use to defend oneself when the need arise; it is NOT to be use to a start fight nor bullying!! Learning the art is a continuous process. You will be able to control your energy but you cannot shoot fireballs out of your hand just like those that you see in televisions or so.

  • why is it that short guys always want to fight taller men
    I suggest getting some therapy instead, some tall guys are pretty mean watch out

  • Hellow Homer,

    i would like to tell you that is very simple to beat a big guy if you have a technique and if you want to. If you train in a martial art that you desire and you are good enough, then you don’t have to be afraid of anyone. If your neighborhood have a wing chun school or a muay thai, hurry up. Wing Chun is the systemn them, then you will beat all the tall guys that challenge you on a fight. of kung fu that Bruce Lee was taught by Yip Man. This martial art is the most effective of all because you learn how to punch and kick correctly, also learn arm-break and other technique which if you learn correct, then you will beat all the tall guys that challenge you.

    If you want to know more about wing chun, i found a useful webpage about it with many videos and information. Take a look at http://www.wing-chun.ws

  • YES. anyone can beat up anyone. it is not a question about SIZE. it is more based on luck, strength, the circumstances and also the ability. anyway, you shouldnt want to beat up 6 footers. and no, you cant shoot fireballs out of your hands but chi concentrationcan be amazing. properly done, it is possible to KILL with only a small tap/push done in the correct area with the correct force.

  • Very much possible my man. In UFC 5, Gracie fought Ken Shamrock to a draw. Shamrock seemed hesitant to mount an offense, and Gracie seemed content to work from his back for the same gi-sleeve submission and heel-kicks to the Shamrock’s kidneys.

  • Of course it’s possible. You’re more focused on Hollywood then the reality of martial arts. This is possible with over a dozen martial arts.

  • yes, of course, teh people i fight at school are all taller than me because they think they could beat me up and try push me around. well, martial arts helps your self-esteem a lot, i can beat up quite a few guys at school who are taller than me. its just i just kicks, high kicks and hopefully smash them. i dunno how tall is 5’7 but im 172 cm tall and not buff at all. only my legs are strong which help me to my victory.

    stretch if you want to get strong, i can do the splits. learn how to kick, i used to do taekwondo but quit after lack of time. its not that hard beating people who are taller than you as think of this: ur 170cm tall and the opponent is 180cm tall, he seems tall and intimidating but once you use some maths, you aren’t half the size of him, you are only 17:18 the size of him, not that scary. note* but if you are 60kg and the opponent is 90 kg, and 20 cm taller than you, you are two thirds his weight, these are the type of fighter who i am disadvantaged against. My side kicks dont push them back as their tummy provides great protection. Once they get on me, there is nearly no way i can win, as im not buff and i can’t possibly push over a 90kg object at that position. well, it is definately true that you can beat up a guy who is taller than you but you have to train hard. if you want to beat up a skinny tall guy, easy! just do a few low kicks at his legs which are skinny and unprotected and when you get the chance, do a hook kick or high round kick at his head. make sure you are confident with your kicks. i practice at least once a week on my punching bag with my kicks and i am confident. since the opponent has height advantage over you, try doing some side kicks to drive them back. remember, never fight a much larger guy and overweight person in a cramped area eg, lockers as there are many corners which makes martial artists who kick, hard to attack. Also it it easy for the bigger people to push you against teh wall and hammer you. when you are in that situation, remember to use ur gracious knee which hurts wherever you kick, especially the rib cage.

    just a tip, i dont punch i always start off with a kick.

    good luck!!!

  • I watched this street fight once where some huge bloke came up to this short stotty bloke. The big guy said ‘I have heard of your reputation and I have came here to beat the s**t out of you’. The smaller guy replied with ‘Fair enough, but can
    I take my coat off first as it was a present from my wife’. The huge guy said ‘Sure no problem!’

    When the smaller bloke took his coat off he threw it straight up into the air. The bigger guy looked up at the coat, the smaller guy then jumped up and nutted him square in the jaw. The huge guy dropped like a ton of bricks, and was out cold!

    I was only 11 at the time and I thought this guy was amazing, he said to me and my mates as he walked past ‘Get someone unawares and you can knock anyone out’.

    Which is spot on, if some huge bloke attacked me in the street I would use every dirty trick in the book to beat him. I would never go punch for punch with a huge man as he only needs to hit me once to send me flying.

    As for the dragonball z stuff, keep dreaming mate it would be nice if wii could do that, but unless you have some sort of a random evolutionary jump you have no chance. lol

    Hope this helps mate!

  • martial arts isnt about givingthe little guy such a huge ego he thinks he can take on guys bigger than him – it is all about calmness, energy management and avoiding fight situations – it is more purely for self defence if you are threatened – just coz you train in martial arts doesnt mean you guy out thinking you are tough and look for big guys to beat up to make you feel tough – if you are a little guy and do that then you will always be little coz you would be worth nothing in anyones eyes..be respectful -one of the key elements of martial arts training – dont abuse it.

  • of course. I have seen plenty of short guys beat the crap out of guys that are 6 feet tall. however they did not use martial arts , just a few good puches. as for fire being shot out of your hand…….. are you high????/ maybe if you spray perfume or hair spray on your hand and light it, but then it just burns you!

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