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Is it possible for a psychic medium to channel God?


  1. Nope, God doesn’t cooperate.. 🙂
    Only God can read the minds of men.
    1 Corinthians 2:11 – For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God.
    John 2:25 – Jesus had no need that anyone should testify of man, for He knew what was in man.
    1 Kings 8:39 – Only God knows the hearts of man [Jer. 17:10].
    Psychics and mind readers pretend to read men’s minds, but only God has this power, and He no longer gives it to men (see 1 Cor. 13 below). For men to claim supernatural power to read the mind is a form of witchcraft and divination, condemned in the passages above.

  2. Yes but you have a better chance of picking the next powerball numbers correctly than of that actually happening, and even if it did,the psychic wouldn’t have any proof…so realistically no but there is a chance.

  3. Nope. Namely because a medium does not channel a deity. An oracle acts as a medium for a god. But God as in the Christian deity is not channeled by a medium. Mediums normally channel spirits either good or bad.

  4. No. But it would be possible for a demon to come through and present himself as God.
    If you are thinking of trying something like this, please don’t. It is a dangerous area to dabble in.
    If you want God to speak to you, listen to a sermon or read the Bible. Pray and pay attention to the burden you feel in your heart. It is amazing how well it works.

  5. NO! A prophet may prophecy but a true prophet will always give God the glory/credit. You must still weigh a prophets words against the word of God and pray about what you hear. Use discernment and wisdom.

  6. From what I have read and researched, that is a yes and no. They believe in God (the good one’s), but relate through their Spirit Guides and Angels. Such as the Arch Angel Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, etc. However, the term Angel, is messenger. Angel’s are God’s messengers.

    Christians call this open communication PRAYER.
    Prayer is open to ALL folks & one does NOT need a psychic medium.

  8. Many answer this question with a no.
    I disagree.
    It depends on your idea of God.
    If you are talking about an angry judgmental white Guy that lives on a far off cloud called heaven then the answer is no because he doesn’t exist.
    If you are talking about the unconditionally loving God that Jesus described as having his kingdom in each of us then the answer is yes.
    In fact we only keep from hearing this real God with great difficulty. If you can clear all the religious nonsense from your mind and ask Her to talk to you you will hear something like this.
    I am the ocean, you are the raindrops. We are the same. You raindrops, because of your similar size and location, see yourselves as separate, as units, as individuals. This perception of your selves has been your only reality since you were born in the clouds. You have no other perspective of your selves. As you fall through your short lives here, you see the ocean far below. On a certain level you understand that it and you are one and the same. You envy its magnificence. The thought comes,” I am water too, am I not also part of this magnificence?” Then you realize that you are but an insignificant raindrop. You can only look at that distant ocean in awe. The ocean with its timeless knowledge sees you quite differently. It sees you for what you really are. Its most precious children, bravely returning home to share the experience that ocean as a whole could never have experienced. The ocean has nothing but love for you. Because it understands that it is you, and that you are it. It knows only truth. Until the moment you reunite you can only speculate. The ocean’s love for you is unconditional. It holds no foolish thought of punishing you for not falling quite right. It only waits with great patience for your homecoming.
    The tiny collisions you had with the other drops on the way down, at the time seemed so significant. Often you feared that if you mingled with them too long you might get to close and in the process even lose your identity. All this because you understood your true identity not! You are ocean, you always were ocean, you always will be ocean. How you currently perceive yourself raindrop, snow flake, puddle, stream, River, or lake matters not. This is all illusion, only perception. You are ocean, you are spirit. You and I are one; we are the All That Is!
    Love and blessings

  9. Yes, so long as they don’t demand money. Otherwise, they are full of sh*t. If they are an actual psychic medium and charging, they are breaking a magickal law forbidding prostitution of powers, and will be in trouble with the…proper authorities.
    If a medium will do it for free, you might as well find out what (s)he can do.


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