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Is it possible for a place to have a depression aura?

I have been at this apartment since September 21st. The apartment seems to be so gloomy. I don’t feel as happy when I am in my apartment. A few days ago we went to my BF’s parents(I lived there before) and every thing seemed 50 times better. The sex seems so boring here and over there excellent. It feels strange to be saying this but it has only felt this way over here. Or could it be myself creating this aura? *confusion*
Haha, you are probably right!


  1. I definitely think that different places hold different energies. In one apartment I lived in, I had the most vivid and crazy dreams every night. In another one I fought with my boyfriend almost daily (we had four apartments together total, but that was the only one we fought like that in). The apartment I live in now feels safe at all times. Usually I’d get scared being home alone, or it would take me a while to get used to new noises, but I feel like this place is somehow protected.
    So, yeah, I definitely think it’s possible. I guess it’s also possible that you could be creating it, but if that were the case, I’d think you’d feel that way wherever you were, not just at home.
    Oh, and I just thought of this.. my friend was house-sitting and there was this one room that she asked people to go into and then tell her what they thought of it. A few people, including me, all felt an awkward tightness, although the room was a decent size. After asking opinions, she told each of us that someone had been strangled or suffocated (I forget which) in the room.

  2. hello Heidi
    Yes it is possible.
    Our auras, especially when very emotionally laden, soak into our surroundings & there they can remain for quiet a while. Hauntings are aura residue thats imprinted on a place, it will eventually leave.
    It could be that the apartment has a negative aura, collected from past tenants – but it could equally be you.
    How do you feel about having to live there? Did you move in with hope & excitment. Did you see this move as an optimistic change etc?
    There are many way that you can cleanse the building from crystals to sage to candles & meditation.
    For helping your – find someone to talk to, be honest with your reasons for moving to the place.
    Im sure that it will sort itself out, negative energy is easily removed – wherever you find it x


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