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Is it possible for a pagan to conjure a raw fire using magick?

I am a wiccan and i never found wether it is possible to conjure raw fire with magick


  1. It’s soon midsummer.
    You could try and light up a bonfire then.
    If there is anybody that can magick such, why not you?
    PS. Bring a webcamera so that everybody can see it on here.

  2. The knowledge of Magick is in the doing. When people understand the doing it is still Magick, but most of the world calls it natural science. With two stones you can start a fire. At one time only a few found and knew the proper stones, but didn’t know the why. Therefore the fire starters were either revered or hated by their contemporaries. Such is still the pattern.

  3. Firstly you are using the word “pagen” wrong. Pagen means “anybody who is not christan” or more specifically they don’t believe in The God that is in The BIble. It does not always mean not “witch or wizard”. There are many pagen religions, some of which are rooted in nature worship and the do often do summonings and supposedly can manipulate the four elements including fire.

  4. If you’re looking to just snap your fingers and make fire appear, like some Hollywood FX, the answer is no. It’s theoretically possible, but the energy needed would be tremendous.
    Now, if you were using magic to assist some other method – flint + tinder, lens, etc – it might make the method easier, but you’ll find that true in any sort of magic. In that case, you’re simply playing with the probability, not creating an effect whole hog.


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