Is it possible for a male to have a consciousness altering orgasm, & be a better human being from it?

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Well, since girls (women) really can have an infinite amount of orgasms. Guys can only have one significant Rush, and maybe a couple more lesser ones in a day, . . . I was just curious. Coz usually it just goes to a guys head. But do any guys actually learn to appreciate some quality beyond the sexual experience of that particular moment, of their own life, of their partner, or other meaningful enlightenment.

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not likely


I would have to say this is highly unlikely. Sex is sex, orgasms are orgasms. To males, they are purely something that feels good.




Several of the treatments for mood disorders involve various ways of inducing small seizures. A major orgasm is quite similar to one. If a guy really goes off, there is some chance that he could alter his brain chemistry, and clear the switchboard, I suppose. If that were really true, it might lead to a decrease in the female pseudo-headache.
This may be the most popular therapy in history, and I am going to begin research, now.


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