is it possible for a magick act to work at first for a little while but eventually stop working?





contact me if you wish to hear my story for more detail(if that is possible). thank you friends.
its spelled with a k because that defines it from stage magic. and i didnt try to cast a love spell on somebody i cast something on myself.


  1. Why in R & S? Don’t you know that magic is considered a dark art and a sin by many religions? To answer you: Magic spells can and do more often than not wear off/stop working. In other words the love potion you gave your gal or guy worked for a while and now that things are going a bit rough for the two of you it’s suddenly wearing off. Such is life…get over it and move along. GOOD LUCK!

  2. If you believe in Magick, there is no reason for it to stop working unless you stop believing in it. So it wasn’t your spell that is the problem, it’s you.

  3. Sorry but it would depend on what you did and what you were working for.
    I would say however, that if the spell has ‘stopped working’ then it’s run it’s course. Are you sure the correct question is not ‘why didn’t it work like I wanted it to?’ quite often we get what we need not what we actually wanted.
    Magic takes the easiest natural path, unless you are very specific in your request then it’ll just do what it needs to do and stop.
    take a step back, look at what you actually asked for (quite possibly not what you intended to ask for) and see if, in any way, that has been fulfilled.
    Things like this are also a very good indicator of why you need to keep a magical journal – Book of Shadows – call it what you will, Sometimes you need to go back and really study what you did and how to get the answers you are looking for.

  4. No. Magic actually does not work at all in the real world. And it’s spelled ‘magic’, without a k. At any rate, anything that appears to be caused by ‘magic’ actually has a logical, naturalistic explanation, and not knowing the explanation does not make it valid to assume the existence of supernatural forces, particularly when the effect spontaneously stops working.

  5. yes, because that which is not of true Source God the Good
    will have a shelf life but not an eternal life.
    thanks for the Q 🙂

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